I am a person writing

When my mother takes offense at one of us, her family members, she says: “Why did not you think of me? I’m also a person.” This, in her understanding, is the most convincing argument. Indeed, to be a person in the generally accepted view is to have thoughts, feelings and desires, this means being worthy of love and respect.

The words of Gorky Satin were winged: “A man sounds proudly!” And we often do not fully realize the extent to which this voluminous and “serious” concept, what responsibility it imposes on us.

So, “man” as one of the species of living beings inhabits the planet Earth. There are several fundamentally opposite theories of its origin – from the “cynical-mundane” theory of Darwin to the mystical hypothesis of the extraterrestrial nature of Homo sapiens. However, despite disagreements, all scientists agree that a person is one in three forms – biological, social and spiritual. What

does it mean?

In his life, a man manifests himself as a biological being: he has a certain anatomy and physiology, he has instincts and basic needs – in food, rest, safety, the continuation of the family.

However, this is only part of a person’s needs. He can not live without performing certain functions in society, society. All of us in our lives perform many social roles – children, parents, friends, students, workers, colleagues. The life of man in society, his development as a social being, scientists call sociogenesis (in contrast to anthropogenesis – the development of man as a biological being). Scientists have proved that a person needs the environment of other people, it is necessary to feel part of a “big team” – to be socialized, included in the life of society. Only then does he acquire specific skills that distinguish him from the animal – speech, the ability to interact with other people, to benefit society.

But that’s not all. We can say that in its biological nature a person is realized as an individual, in social activity –

as an individual. But to reach the highest stage of human development on this earth – to become a person – only the spiritual sphere allows it. It includes the feelings, emotions, thoughts of the individual, his needs for self-expression and creativity, his moral and moral principles.

Man as a spiritual being is able to think – to express judgments, to make inferences. The greatness of human thought, it seems to me, is obvious – it affects the achievements of mankind in all spheres of life, technical and cultural progress. But, of course, human thought is not ideal: for the time of its existence on earth, we have committed many, sometimes tragic, irreparable, mistakes. But our greatness lies in the fact that humanity, albeit slowly and with difficulty, recognizes these mistakes and seeks, if not to correct, then never again to repeat them.

Thus, I believe that only becoming a person, a person can fully manifest himself in all three spheres of activity – biological, social, spiritual – in everything that makes up his being.

What do you need to do to become a person? This, in my opinion, is not so simple as it might seem at first glance. A person is one who realizes his individuality and seeks to express himself, who has a pronounced self-awareness, who has his own views and ideas about life, peace and man in society.

However, society has a fairly rigid and immobile structure. In it, there are centuries-old views and ideas about what is good and what’s bad. These views are shared by most members of the society, this is considered a social norm. This state of affairs, of course, does not contribute to the development of individuals, because there is no guarantee that all people will fit in with the norms established by the society in which they live.

Therefore, very often there are conflicts between the person and his environment. It can be a family, a school, a city, a country. Personality, not like the others, trying to turn into a “common mass”, align with the rest. Often the fate of such people is terrible – they turn into outcasts, “white crows.” But quite often it happens that the later unconventional views of these people are recognized as an opening, a revolution, and then completely turn into a social norm. Such clashes between the individual and society are a common subject in literature, and in art in general.

Thus, if you understand, being a person is quite difficult and responsible. To fully manifest themselves, to reveal their abilities in many spheres of life, requires a lot of inner work, constant self-improvement. In addition, it seems to me necessary to know the principles of the “device” of this world, society, man; know the laws by which they exist.

Of course, it is impossible to become an “honors pupil” in all spheres of life. I think the main task of a person is to decide what is most important for him and to strive to achieve his goal. And also never forget that he is, first of all, a person – a being reasonable, thinking and feeling, on which lies a very responsible mission – to make life inside and around oneself better, lighter, more joyful. I think this is the main goal of our stay on this planet.

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I am a person writing