History of the group Aria

Aria is a Russian rock band.

The founders of the group were Vekshtein, Holstinin, Granovsky. Until this point, Holstinin and Granovsky played in the groups “Alpha”, “Singing Hearts”. Then the vocalist was approved by Valery Kipelov. Kirill Pokrovsky became the keyboard, Alexander Lvov was the drummer.

Biography of the band “Aria” began with the release of the album “The Megalomania”. The first concert of “Aria” was held on February 5, 1986. During the first year of its existence, the group took part in several festivals, having declared themselves. The second guitarist Andrei Bolshakov was accepted into the group, who then wrote most of the songs for the second album.

Because of the conflict with Vekshteynom, the musicians are forced to leave the group, forming the next collective – “Master”, in “Aria” there were only Kipelov and Holstinin. Taking the group Vitali Dubinin,

Sergei Mavrin, Maxim Udalov, “Aria” began to work on the next album. He came out in 1987 under the title “Hero of Asphalt”, although originally the musicians planned to call him “In the service of the power of evil.” The stage of long tours in the biography of “Aria” begins.

After another conflict with Vekshteinom, Udalov becomes a sound engineer, and Alexander Manyakin comes to the group. “Aria” together with the new manager Yu. Fishkin releases the album “Playing with fire”. Then after a lull in 1990, the album “Blood for Blood” is released.

In 1994 in the biography of “Aria” the following important event happened: the studio with the same name “ARIA Records” was founded. In 1994, the group left Kipelov, a year later – Mavrinin. But Sergey Terentyev was accepted. Then came the albums “Made in Russia”, “The Evil Generator”. Even greater popularity of the band came after the songs “Paradise Lost”, as well as the album “Chimera”, which were put on the

radio. During the recording of this album, disagreements arose between the musicians, Kipelov again left the band, the vocalist since November 2002 is Arthur Berkut. In 2004 the composition “Colosseum” was released with the new composition of the band, then the albums “Baptized with Fire” and “Armageddon” were released.

The composition of the group at the moment:

Gave in: Arthur Berkut.

Bass: Vitaliy Dubinin.

Guitar: Sergey Popov.

Guitar: Vladimir Holstinin.

Percussion: Maxim Udalov.

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History of the group Aria