Biography of Hippocrates

Biography of Hippocrates

Hippocrates is a great doctor, a reformer of ancient Greek medicine, the author of the famous Hippocratic corpus, the creator of the doctrine of the temperament of man, and the author of the ethical code of the doctor, the so-called “Hippocratic Oath”, which physicians in many countries of the world give.

Born Hippocrates in about 460 BC. e. in Ancient Greece, on the island of Kos, which is in the Aegean Sea. His family was engaged in healing for many generations. According to legend, their family was like the god of medicine – Asclepius. Hippocrates learned a lot from his grandfather and father, and passed the experience to his sons and son-in-law. He often traveled, gaining knowledge in different countries. Hippocrates founded a medical school on the island of


Hippocrates became the first doctor who challenged the influence of the gods on the state of human health. In his opinion, all diseases have natural causes, such as: the influence of the environment, age and nutrition, working conditions and others. In his book “On the nature of man” Hippocrates puts forward the hypothesis that in the human body there must be a balance of four “juices”: blood and lymph, yellow and black bile. When this balance is broken, a person falls ill. Based on this hypothesis, Hippocrates also identified four basic types of human temperament: choleric, phlegmatic, sanguine and melancholic. Each of them had certain diseases.

The great doctor treated people not only at home, among others mention Macedonia, Thessaly and Thrace. Hippocrates was well versed in anatomy. He developed surgery, which is indicated by references to tools and bandages, the treatment of wounds in his writings. In his writings, the doctor also set forth the principles of rational dietology in various diseases. Hippocrates was the first to feel and listen to patients when making a diagnosis. He urged doctors to be cautious with patients, his main principle in the treatment was “Do no harm.”

The famous “Hippocratic corpus”, written in 430-330. BC. e. is a collection of 60

medical treatises. However, according to different scientists, Hippocrates owns only 8 – 18 works. Others suggest that the “Hippocratic corpus” was written throughout the life of the doctor, because there are differences and contradictions in the style of presentation.

Hippocrates lived a long life. According to scientists, he lived to 80 or even to 100 years. Died Hippocrates approximately between 377 and 356 years. BC. e. in the city of Larissa, Thessaly.

Hippocrates has had a tremendous impact on the development of European medicine. His work became the basis of modern medical ethics and morality.

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Biography of Hippocrates