Natural resources of the Indian Ocean

Over 1 billion people live on the coast of the Indian Ocean. In the northern regions, industrial fishing is developing, it is 5% of the world.

Since ancient times in the Indian Ocean, especially in the Persian Gulf, around the island of Sri Lanka, pearls have been mined. On the beaches of the Indian Peninsula, diamonds, emeralds and other precious stones were found.

Currently, the shelf of the ocean produces oil, natural gas, ores of metals. The largest oil fields are in the Persian Gulf. During the extraction and transportation of oil, accidents often occur, as a result of which ocean waters are polluted.

Through the Indian Ocean, especially in its northern part, there are important shipping routes. Built in the late XIX century. The Suez Canal connected the Indian Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea. This path is important for the implementation of trade relations with European countries.

Warm waters and picturesque coral islands of the Indian Ocean attract the attention of tourists from around the world.

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Natural resources of the Indian Ocean