“Alice in Wonderland” Carroll in brief summary

The heroine of the book, a girl named Alice, begins her journey to the Land of Wonders unexpectedly for herself: Alice, razmylshaya from heat and idleness, suddenly noticed a rabbit, which in itself is not surprising; but this rabbit turned out to be not only a speaker, but also a holder of a pocket watch, and in addition he was in a great hurry. Burning with curiosity, Alice rushed after him into the hole and was… in a vertical tunnel, through which she swiftly fell through the earth. But it all ends in this world, and Alisino’s fall also ended, and quite happily: she was in a large room, Rabbit disappeared, but Alice saw many doors, and on the table – a small golden key that she managed to open the door to a wonderful garden, but to pass it was impossible: Alice was too big. But she immediately turned up a bottle with the inscription “Drink me”; despite Alice’s prudence, she still drank from the bottle and began to decrease, so much so that she was

frightened, as though she had not happened to what happens to the flame of a candle when a candle is blown. It’s good that there was a pie with the inscription “Eat me” nearby; When she had eaten it, she waved to such a size that she began to say goodbye to her feet, which were somewhere far below. Very much everything here was strange and unpredictable. Even the multiplication table and long-learned poems left Alice sikos-kokos; the girl did not recognize herself, and even decided that this was not her at all, but quite another girl; from grief and endless weirdness, she cried. And she cried a whole lake, even she almost drowned there. But it turned out that she was floundering in a tear lake, not alone, a mouse sniffed beside her. Polite Alice started a conversation with her, but, unfortunately, she started talking about cats, because Alisa had a beloved cat left at home. However, the Mouse, offended by Alisina’s callousness, withdrew, and the newly appeared Rabbit sent Alice, like some servant, to her home behind a fan and gloves, as he was heading for the Duchess. Alice did not argue, went
into the house of Rabbit, but out of curiosity she drank some liquid from another flacon, too – and grew to such a size that she almost smashed the house. Well, that she was pelted with stones, turning into pies, she again became tiny and ran away. but out of curiosity drank and there from another flacon of some liquid – and grew to such a size that almost spilled the house. Well, that she was pelted with stones, turning into pies, she again became tiny and ran away. but out of curiosity drank and there from another flacon of some liquid – and grew to such a size that almost spilled the house. Well, that she was pelted with stones, turning into pies, she again became tiny and ran away.

For a long time she wandered in the grassy jungle, almost fell on the tooth of a young puppy and finally found herself near a large mushroom, on the hat of which sat the Caterpillar and importantly smoked a hookah. Alice complained that she was constantly changing in growth and did not recognize herself, but the Caterpillar found nothing special in such changes and reacted to the confused Alice without any sympathy, especially when she heard that she did not like the growth of three inches – The caterpillar had such growth very much! Offended Alice retired, taking with her a piece of mushroom.

The fungus came in handy when Alice saw the house: she chewed a little fungus, grew to nine inches and approached the house, on the threshold of which one footman, like a fish, handed another dubious invitation to the Duchess to the Queen for a croquet party. Alice spent a long time figuring out from Lacky-Zhaba whether she could enter, did not understand anything from his answers, and entered the house. She was in the kitchen where she could not breathe smoke and pepper; there the cook was cooking, and the Duchess was sitting next to her with a yelling baby in her arms; between the business the cook threw in both dishes; Behind all this, a big cat watched with a grin. Surprised by Alice, the Duchess briefly explained that the cat is smiling because he is a Cheshire Cat, adding that in fact all cats know how to smile. After which the Duchess began to hum the shrill child like a familiar lullaby, but from this song Alice became terribly. In the end, the Duchess threw the bundle with the baby Alice, who carried out a strange restless crumbling crumb from the house and suddenly saw with amazement that it was not a child at all, but a pig! Alice involuntarily remembered other children, of whom, perhaps, too, would have come out very nice little pigs.

Then the Cheshire Cat reappeared before Alice, and she asked him where to go next. The cat, smiling, explained that if, as she says, she does not care where she comes, then you can go in any direction. He calmly told the girl that in this country all the abnormal, and even clever Alice failed to challenge his evidence. After which the Cat disappeared – all, except for a broad smile, long hanging in the air. This property was especially useful to Kot when the fierce Chervona Queen ordered to cut off his head: The cat immediately disappeared, only his head could be seen in the air, but how do you order to cut off the head if it does not have a body? But the cat only grinned widely.

Alice, meanwhile, went to the crazy March Hare and got on so beloved and familiar with the English, but quite an extraordinary tea party. The hare and the mad Hatter were forced to drink tea more than once and not twice a day, but continuously – such was the punishment for killing Time. Because they treated her very inhospitantly, confused her and made her laugh, Alice left them and, after new adventures, finally got to the royal garden, where the gardeners painted white roses in red. And then a royal couple appeared, the Chervonny King and the Queen, surrounded by courtiers – diamonds and scarlet cards of smaller size. And although the King and Queen showed extraordinary severity to others, and the Queen demanded to chop heads almost to all, Alice was not afraid: after all, they were just cards, she reasoned.

Alice saw almost all of her acquaintances in the Land of Wonders in the hall, where they judged Chervonnaya Knight, who, as was said in an old song, stole the pies baked by the Queen. To what strange testimonies the frightened witnesses gave in court! How they tried to write down all the joke-slackers and how they all confused! And suddenly they called Alice, who had grown to her usual size. The King and the Queen tried to intimidate her, but their attempts broke down about her sound logic, and on the threat of the death penalty she calmly replied: “You’re just a deck of cards” – and the magic has dissipated. Alice woke up on the same meadow near her sister. Around was the usual landscape, the usual sounds were heard. So it was just a dream! ..

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“Alice in Wonderland” Carroll in brief summary