Summary “Diary of a seducer”

Summary “Diary of a seducer”

The “seducer’s diary” is a part of the most famous book of the Danish philosopher and writer Seren Kierkegaard “Ili-Ili”, sometimes printed and separately, in the form of a novel. In the “Preface” to the book, her imaginary publisher Victor Eremita explains: the notes he publishes are found in the old office he bought on the occasion. In terms of handwriting and content, he divided them into two volumes: the first contained articles and works of “aesthetic character” written, apparently, by one person, whom he conditionally called Mr. A, the second contains the edifying philosophical letters of a certain assessor Wilhelm addressed to this Mr. A.

“Diary” is included in the first “aesthetic” volume attributed

to the pen of Mr. A. However, on the first page of his page, Mr. A refuses to write: he only found the diary – in a drawer of a table with his friend Johannes, who left Copenhagen for a few days. The contents of the notebook, entitled “Commentarius perpetuus” (which means “Endless Commentary”), and several rough drafts of letters found in the same box, so impressed Mr. A’s imagination that he decided to rewrite them: he used to be considered a friend in kind an extraordinary, half-living in a magical world of beauty, separated from reality only by a thin transparent fleur, having become acquainted with his diary, he discovered for himself:

More than all Johannes, as evidenced by this diary, are interested in love adventures and girls – an indubitable part of the beautiful. True, the spiritual side that prevails in his nature does not allow him to be satisfied with the low role of an ordinary seducer – it would be too rude – no, in love, or, as Johannes puts it, “erotic” game, he most appreciates the virtuoso possession of it. In fact, judging by Mr. Johannes’s diary, A, most often the ultimate goal of his friend’s persistent harassment turned out to be… just a bow or a smile. However, this is not the case with the main character of the diary,

Cordelia (her real name is Johannes changed), which Mr. A knows very well: she herself gave him the letters sent to her by Johannes, as well as several more addressed to Johannes,

The diary opens with Johannes’ notes made in early April. One day his attention was attracted by a graceful girl jumping off the steps of the carriage. A few days later he meets her strolling along the street, accompanied by a footman. The footman awkwardly falls and is smeared in the mud, and Johannes gallantly escorts the girl to the carriage. A few days later, he meets her again on the street – this time with an elderly woman: the beauty of the girl amazes him, but just a few minutes Johannes can not remember her face, and this torments him, for some reason he wants to remember him be sure,

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Summary “Diary of a seducer”