Bylina “Danila Lovchanin” in the summary

Bylina “Danila Lovchanin” in the summary

Prince Vladimir has a feast with a mountain. Princes, boyars and heroes, having been fed up and drunk, are boasting before each other: some – wealth, others – force, merchants – goods, boyars – estates and fiefdoms. Danila Denisievich does not boast alone. Prince Vladimir asks him whether he is silent because he has nothing to boast about? Danila Denisyevich answers that he was just thinking, but if the prince likes to know, then he, Danila, lacks nothing: there is a gold treasury, and a young wife, and plenty of expensive and beautiful dresses.

Soon, Danila leaves the prince’s court, and Prince Vladimir asks his guests to pick up his bride-beautiful, intelligent and literate, to become her mother-empress. Mishatychka Putyatin son tells the prince that

he did not see anywhere that the girl was both a clever and beautiful woman, only Vasilissa Nikulichna at Danila Denisyevich’s – and she is clever, and beautiful, and literate: she would be called mother-empress! The prince is angry with Mishatichka, that he offers him to take his wife from a living husband, and orders Putyatin to execute his son. But he asks the prince not to hurry with his execution and advises Danil to be sent to the meadows of the Levant, to catch the bird white-necked and bring to the prince’s dinner, and then kill the cruel lion. Prince likes the advice of Mishatychka, and when Ilya Muromets says that the prince will ruin both Danila and Vasilisa, Prince Vladimir is angry and puts the old hero in the cellar.

Prince Vladimir writes a message to Danila and sends Mishatichka with him to Chernigov. He comes to the yard to Danila, enters the ward and sees Vasilis Nikulichna. She censures Mishatichka for behaving insolently and carelessly, and he lets her read the message of the prince. Vasilisa weeps, changes into a youthful dress and goes to the open field to look for Danila. She tells him about the letter that the prince sent.

When they return home, Danila asks Vasilisa to bring him a quiver with arrows and goes to the meadows of the Levant. He looks in the telescope towards Kiev and

sees that the army is moving towards him. Danila cries with burning tears and complains that he did not need the prince. Having cut the whole army with a saber, Danila looks again into the telescope and sees two heroes who are going to him, and one of them is his brother, Nikita Denisievich. Danila does not want to fight with her own brother and prefers to die: he stabs the spear with a blunt end to the ground and throws his chest on the point. The bogatyrs drive up and see that Danila is lying dead, lamenting and telling all about Prince Vladimir.

He goes to Chernigov to Vasilis Nikulichna and asks her to dress up in a wedding dress. She fulfills the request of the prince, but secretly takes the knife with him. The prince carries Vasilisa to Kiev, but when they drive past the meadows of the Levant, she asks him to let her say goodbye to her dear friend Danila. The prince lets her go, but sends with her two heroes. Vasilisa bowed to the remains of Danila, asked the heroes to tell the prince that he would not leave their bodies in the open field, and stab himself with a knife. The prince returns to Kiev, releases Ilya Muromets from the cellar and complains of him with a sable fur coat for saying that he told the prince the truth. And Mishatichka the prince favored a cauldron with boiling tar.

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Bylina “Danila Lovchanin” in the summary