Biography of Vysotsky

Vysotsky Vladimir Semenovich is a Soviet poet, singer, actor, laureate of the USSR State Prize.


Vladimir Vysotsky was born on January 25, 1938 in Moscow in a military family. The early childhood of the future poet passed in a close communal apartment. In 1941 – 1943, during the Great Patriotic War, Vladimir and his mother were in the Orenburg region in the evacuation. Since 1947 Vysotsky lives with his father in Germany. In late 1949 he returned to Moscow.

Training, first roles

In 1953, Vysotsky became a member of the drama circle, under the direction of the artist MKhAT V. Bogomolov. In the same year the poet creates his first poem – “My Vow”.

In 1955, Vladimir Semenovich graduated from the school and entered the Engineering and Construction Institute in Moscow. Six months later he leaves the institute, deciding to enter the theater.

In 1956, Vysotsky, whose biography changed direction sharply, enters the

acting department of the Moscow Art Theater School. In 1959, Vladimir Semenovich debuted in a theatrical production and film.

Actor and musician

After graduating, since 1960, Vladimir Semenovich works at the Drama Theater. Pushkin in Moscow. In 1961, Vysotsky wrote his first song – “Tattoo”.

Having worked a little in the Theater of Miniatures, Vladimir Semenovich settles in the Theater of Drama and Comedy on Taganka. In 1968 the first record of the musician – “Songs from the film” Vertical “.

In 1970, Vysotsky’s personal life was an important event – the poet married actress Marina Vlady, who became his third wife and muse. In the fall of 1971, at the Taganka Theater, Vladimir Semyonovich made his debut with his most famous role – Prince Hamlet from Shakespeare’s The same tragedy.

Last years

In February 1978 Vysotsky was given the highest category of vocalist-soloist of the stage. Touring with the troupe of the Taganka Theater, Vladimir Semyonovich visited Bulgaria, France, Germany, Yugoslavia, Canada, the USA,

Poland, Mexico, Hungary, and Tahiti.

In a short Vysotsky biography, it should be mentioned that in the last years of his life the actor became addicted to narcotic drugs, smoked a lot, and drank. In 1979, during a speech in Bukhara, Vladimir Semenovich suffered a clinical death.

July 18, 1980 Vysotsky last played the role of Hamlet. A week later, on July 25, 1980, Vysotsky died of heart failure. The poet was buried at the Vagankovskoye cemetery in Moscow.

Interesting Facts
    Creativity Vysotsky has about 600 songs and more than 850 poems. He starred in 28 films, participated in 15 performances. Vysotsky was married three times: on Izie Zhukova, Lyudmila Abramova and Marina Vlady. In 1975 in the collection “Poetry Day” came Vysotsky’s poem “From the road diary.” This was the first and last lifetime publication of the poet. The Vysotsky Club is located in the building of the Vysotsky Museum on the Lower Taganskiy dead end. About the poet five movies were shot, many books written. Vysotsky always played only on seven-stringed guitars.

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Biography of Vysotsky