“Passion-mordasti” Gorky in brief

In a provincial town, a young merchant of Bavarian kvass meets a walking woman in the evening. She, drunk, stands in a puddle and stomps her feet, sprinkling mud like children. The trader leads her to her house; she agrees to go with him, thinking that he is her client. “House” is a basement hole in which, except for a woman, her son lives with sick legs. She gave birth to him at the age of fifteen from an old sensualist, who served as a maid. Lyonka sits all day in his hole and very rarely sees a white light. He is entertained by collecting various insects that he manages to catch, giving them funny nicknames and giving in his fantasy human traits, which he spies on his mother’s clients. These insects make for Lenka a special world, which replaces him with the real, human. However,

Mother’s name is Mashka Frolikha. She, apparently, is seriously ill. She loves her son madly and lives only for his sake. At the same time, she is a finished man, sick and drunk. The future, therefore, does not promise her son anything good.

Lyonka is wise and serious beyond his years. He treats the mother as a small child, pities her and teaches life. At the same time he is quite a child, having no experience of life.

The trader begins to visit the boy and tries somehow to brighten up his life. But the situation is so hopeless that in the end of the story the hero understands: he was at an impasse: “I quickly walked out of the yard, gritting my teeth so as not to howl.”

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“Passion-mordasti” Gorky in brief