Biography of Karl Marx

Karl Heinrich Marx is an economist, philosopher, political journalist.

Born May 5, 1818 in Trier, Prussia.

Education in the biography of Marx was received at the Gymnasium of Trier. After its termination in 1835, Charles entered the University of Bonn, then the University of Berlin. In 1841, Karl Marx graduated from the university, defended his doctoral dissertation. At that time he was fond of putting forward atheistic, revolutionary ideas from the philosophy of Hegel.

In 1842-1843 he worked in the newspaper “Rheinische Zeitung”, where, as a journalist and editor, he did not hesitate to criticize the government. After the closure of the newspaper, I became interested in political economy. Marrying Jenny Vestaflen, he moved to Paris. Then in the biography of Karl Marx there is an acquaintance with Engels. After that, Marx lived in Brussels, Cologne, London. In 1864 he founded the “International Workers’ Association”.

The “capital” of Marx is one of his most important works. The economic theory of Marx, described in this work, used the theory of A. Smith, D. Ricardo. Marx considered the questions of surplus value, investigated the relationship between labor and value, commodity and money. The economic doctrine of Marx allowed to solve several problems in the theory of Ricardo.

Marx’s philosophy of state structure argues that the politically dominant class of citizens governs the country. The structure of the bourgeois state Marx regards as the realization of the interests of such a class.

The generalized materialistic philosophy of Karl Marx, his economic theory, ideological views served as the basis for the movement of “Marxism.”

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Biography of Karl Marx