Biography of Ted Williams

Ted Williams is an American baseball player, was born in San Diego, California.

In the biography of Ted Williams, a professional baseball game began at the age of 17. Then he played for the San Diego Padres of the Pacific League. In 1938, he tried to play for the Boston Red Sox team in the spring training. And later the baseball player joined the club as a permanent outfielder. For two years he left to serve during the Second World War, then again from 1952 to 1953 participated in the Korean War. Finally, Williams again became a permanent member of the Boston Red Sox team, and was in its composition from 1939 until his departure in 1960.

Ted Williams was one of the greatest batterers, in 1939 and 1940 his betting was 0.300. And already in 1941 – 0.406, so he became a champion in battling, also leading the home runs. In 1942, the tall, slender left-slugger, known as the “Splendid Splinter”, again showed an excellent level of average ratings in the batting

in the main league, having made 36 home runs in the American League.

Personality Williams, his frequent offensive actions, the help of “Red Sox” in winning the title of champion in 1946 were discussed by baseball fans. Although opposing teams often called the athlete “Williams shift”, moving the receiver to the right side of the field, where Williams usually did his main blows. In 1947 he continued to lead on points in batting – 0.343, in 1948 – 0.369, in 1957 – 0.388, in 1958 – 0.328. The average points in the batting for the entire athletic career of the player were 0.344, the total baseball player made 521 home runs.

In the career of Ted Williams for several years were devoted to the management of the team “Washington Senators.” After his death, Williams’ body became very famous for the press the subject of disputes between his children. His daughter and son wanted to freeze the body. However, their other sister, who spoke a few months later, claimed that Williams wanted his body to be cremated.

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Biography of Ted Williams