Biography of Sonya Heni

Sonya Heni is a figure skater, an actress. Born April 2, 1912 in the city of Christiania, Norway. Sonny Heni is known as the first big celebrity in figure skating.

Sonia Heni was a Norwegian figure skating champion. The athlete received three gold medals at the Winter Olympic Games: in 1928, 1932, 1936. Then she traveled, showing the public an ice show. In the end, Sonya took up acting. So Sony became an actress in Hollywood.

Since winning the title of champion in her teens, Sonia has transformed her sports activities, adding ballet elements to figure skating. Ten times world champion, Sonia, after participating in the Olympics in 1936, took up the ice show.

Sonia played in several films for “20th Century Fox”. In the 1940s, her acting career declined. However, the sportswoman continued to collect a large audience on her Hollywood ice shows. As a director and star, Sonya became one of the richest women of variety art. From show business, she left in 1960. And in 1969 the sportswoman died from leukemia.

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Biography of Sonya Heni