Biography of Richard Oldington

Richard Aldington is an English poet and writer.

While Richard was studying at the University of London, he managed to get acquainted with Ezra Pound, as well as H. D., on which he married in 1913. He was one of the leading imagists and helped to make adjustments to “Egosit” – the main periodical imagist.

The early poems of Richard Aldington, which differed by extraordinary verbal precision, were published under the name “Pictures” in 1915. Subsequent works that appeared in 1919 were the “Image of War” and “The Image of Desire,” the last of the two named symbolized the author’s departure from pure imagism.

The first novel of Aldington, “The Death of a Hero,” was a bitter charge in the direction of the War. Then the novel “The Daughter of the Colonel” followed, with the same intentions as in the early work, satirically bite. Aldingt felt flawless when he was in an angry state of artistic and intellectual rebellion. Experiments with soft satire were less effective.

After World War II, he published little poetry. His most important work was in the biography of Wellington; “Portrait of a genius, but…”, “The study of D. Lawrence”; “Lawrence of Arabia”, sharp portrait criticism of TE Lawrence; and “Portrait of a White Southerner: The Life and Work of Robert Louis Stevenson.”

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Biography of Richard Oldington