Biography of Rihanna

Biography of Rihanna

Her first album, the world-famous rhythm-and-blues star Rihanna released in 2005 became famous singer hits “Umbrella”, “Pon de Replay” and “Disturbia”.

Early years

Singer Robin Rihanna Fenty was born on February 20, 1988 in the parish of St. Michel on the island of Barbados of the Caribbean archipelago. She was the eldest of the three children of Monica Fenty, an accountant by profession, and Ronald Fenty, the warehouse manager. Rihanna’s childhood was marred by the constant struggle of her father with alcohol and drug addiction, as well as endless fights between the parents. In the end, when the girl was 14 years old, her mother and father divorced.

But since that time, Rihanna’s father has finally managed to defeat

his ailments, and, to date, the family is together again. “Now my father is the best person on Earth,” Rihanna shares. “He never hinders me in any way, he just lets me live my life.” In fact, he was so when I was little, he let me learn from my own mistakes and never interfered. allowed me to do everything to get the most out of everything. “

As a child, Rihanna for several years struggled with migraines, hiding the disease from friends and classmates, so that no one would think that something is wrong with her. “I never told you how bad I am,” she recalls. “I was always silent about it, I went to school… and no one ever even thought that something was wrong with me.”

A little later, Rihanna, fleeing from domestic problems, like a straw, grabbing for singing. Together with two classmates, she founded her own musical group of teenage girls. At 15, Rihanna is triumphantly auditioned by music producer Evan Rogers, who came to the island with his wife, a native of Barbados. Roger was struck by the early revealed beauty and phenomenal talent of the girl, to the huge disappointment of her girlfriends. “The minute Rihanna entered the room, the other two ceased to exist for me,” he confesses in an interview.

Less than a year later, when she is 16, Rihanna

leaves Barbados and moves with Roberts and his wife in Connecticut, where he begins work on a rough draft of his first album. “I left Barbados, and did not look back,” says the singer. “I wanted to do what I needed to do, even if I had to move to America for that.”

“Def Jam Records”

In January 2005, Rogers arranged for Rihanna to audition at the recording studio “Def Jam Records”, the new director of which was the legendary rapper Jay-Z. “I was sitting in the waiting room and was shaking all over,” Rihanna would later say. But, as soon as she opened her mouth and began to sing, all her fear as a hand took off. “I remember how I sang and looked directly into the eyes of those who were in the studio, and at that time I did not care about anything,” – says the singer. – “But when I stopped singing, I suddenly realized:” Oh, God! And before me, after all, Jay-Z himself! “.

The stunning voice and personal charm of Rihanna leads the hip-hop icon, as well as Rogers two years before him, into full rapture, and he immediately signs a contract with the girl. Just eight months later, Rihanna releases her first single, a club song with a strong reggae influence, “Pon de Replay”, which blasts off to the second line of the “No. 1 Singles List” in the US, and announces the singer as a bright rising star of pop music. Her first album, “Music of the Sun”, which includes the single “If It’s Love That You Need”, released in the same month, takes the tenth place in the hit parade. Next year, Rihanna releases the second album, “A Girl Like Me”, which gave the world two new hits “Unfaithful” and “SOS” – the singer’s business card.

“A good girl has become bad”

In 2007, from the cute young pop princess Rihanna turns into an already formed star, releasing the third album “Good Girl Gone Bad”, the popularity of which adds an undeniable hit, the title single of the album, “Umbrella”, performed in a duet with Jay-Z. “It reflects how much Rihanna grew up as a singer,” comments Jay-Z. – “If you listen to the words, you will understand the depth of the song, and how much the girl managed to achieve.”

“Umbrella” takes the first lines of the American charts and brings to Rihanna her first “Grammy” in the nomination “For the best joint rap performance.” The album, which also includes singles “Do not Stop the Music” and “Shut up and Drive”, takes the second position in the charts. On the new album “Good Girl Gone Bad: The Remixes” there will be two new hits – “Disturbia” and “Take a Bow”.

Continuing to aggressively conquer the pop scene, in 2009 Rihanna releases a new successful album “Rated R”, where she will first sing “Hard” and “Rude Boy”. In 2010, the next album “Loud” will again achieve great commercial success and receive enthusiastic reviews of critics, largely thanks to the songs “What’s My Name”, “Only Girl” and “S & M.” Along with a long list of her own songs, Rihanna performs the duet with other singers: “Run This Town” with Jay-Z, “Love the Way You Lie” with Eminem and “All of the Lights” with Kanye West.

In 2011, Rihanna releases her sixth studio album “Talk That Talk”. The song “We Found Love” from this album, performed by a duet with DJ Kevin Harris, in 2013 receives the “Grammy” award for the best video.


The lively interest is also attracted to the singer’s personal life, although often for reasons independent of her. The first gossip spread in 2006, when Rihanna attributed the affair with her mentor Jay-Z. But both persistently refute these rumors, calling them ridiculous. “In the beginning, I just nodded and laughed at it,” Rihanna said. “I miss it by now and do not pay attention, I can not forbid people to talk about what they like.”

Personal life

In 2009, Rihanna’s name falls on the front pages of newspapers and magazines, full of angry headlines about how her former boyfriend, Chris Brown, is beating up the singer right before the awards ceremony. This case causes a wave of support for Rihanna by the public, and since then she has become an active fighter against domestic violence. “It happened to me personally,” – says the singer in an interview with Diane Sawyer. “And it can happen to everyone.”

Later, Rihanna is associated with a romantic relationship with a player from the outfield of the baseball team “Los Angeles Dodgers” Matt Kemp, but after a while, the pair part.

Since its first appearance on the scene, the Barbados star almost continuously appears on the top lines of the pop charts. For almost six years now, including radio and visiting dance clubs, we invariably hear the enchanting rhythms of Rihanna’s songs. But, despite the never-ending stream of hits and cold-blooded image in public, the singer admits that she is just a vulnerable girl who has seen a lot of bad things in her life and who now has to make great efforts to live with it.

“I take all my strength”, she will tell after the beating of Chris Brown in 2009. “I do not want people to see me cry, I do not want to look in their eyes sorry.” This period of my life was very painful, and I categorically did not want this to become my image, I wanted to be known as strong and successful, and I created this appearance until it became a reality. “

In 2012 there were rumors that Rihanna and Brown are together again. The couple worked together on the song “Birthday Cake”, released in the same year. In August, the singer will give Oprah Winfrey a very frank interview about her relationship with Chris. She will tell you that Brown can turn out to be the love of her life, and that a “very close relationship” has been established between them.

Present time

In her next successful album “Unapologetic” in 2012, Rihanna shows the world new hits, “Diamonds” and “Stay”. She also records the joint hit “Princess of China” with the group “Coldplay” and is working on the song “Love the Way You Lie” with rapper Eminem. And next year her duet with Eminem in the composition “The Monster” will conquer the tops of the charts.

In June 2014, Rihanna’s photo, famous for its extravagance of style, will again fly through all the covers of magazines after the singer appears in an overly candid dress before the American Council of Fashion Designers at the annual awards ceremony. At the ceremony, she was invited to present her with the “Icons of Style” award, established by the Council. In the “Associated Press” after this will appear her quote: “Style has always been for me a means of protection.” Rihanna admits that there are rules in fashion, although, at the same time, she notes that “the rules exist to violate them.” At the same time the singer makes a bold step in her career: she breaks the contract with “Del Jam” and moves to the label Jay-Z “Roc Nation”.


“If the whole world turns to the left, I immediately go to the right. I need someone who will just let me be real.”

“I believe in another chance, but I do not believe that everyone deserves it.”

“It’s not a complicated love, it’s complicated people.”

“I express my protest through my music, my style, my tattoos and my hair.”

“In my love relationships, I’m still conservative.”

“Boys and boys will remain!!! Because they can not be men!”.

“People think that being young is nothing to understand in life, but it’s not true.” In life, in love and in disappointment, we act just as an older woman would. “

“I could never call myself this word:” weak. “If I were weak, I could not get out of it all.

“After so many years of torment, after all the anger and sadness, I decided to become what I am and find balance, now I’m able to hold it.”

“I firmly decided for myself that it’s more important for me to be happy, and I would not let anyone get in my way, even if I make a mistake, it will be my fault.”

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Biography of Rihanna