Biography of Igor Severyanin

Igor Vasilyevich Severyanin is a Russian poet.

In the biography of Severyanin, the school in Cherepovets was finished. After that, together with his father went to the Far East.

Passion for poetry in the life of Severyanin manifested itself in childhood. The first poem of the poet was published in the magazine “Leisure and business” in 1905. The poetry of Severianin, published at an early stage of his work, did not receive much popularity among readers, as well as criticism. This, for example, “Zarnitsy thoughts”, “Intuitive paint,” “Princess necklace,” “Electric Poems.”

Poetry Severyanin was willingly printed after the publication of the collection “Intuitive Paint” in 1909. Then Leo Tolstoy with indignation noted his frank, bold verses.

Creativity Severyanin reached the highest popularity after the publication of the collection of poems “Thunder Cup”. In 1911, in the biography of Igor Severyanin, in cooperation with Konstantin Olimpov, a school of ego-futurism was established. Verses of the Severyanin of that period are full of self-praise. However, not introducing anything new into his poetry, the following collections were not so popular with readers.

In 1918, speaking at the Polytechnic Museum of Moscow, he was elected “the king of poets”. In the same year he leaves for Estonia. During the emigration, the creativity of Igor Severyanin does not stand still. The poet publishes 17 books, but because of small print runs he is in a distressed condition. In 1921 in the biography of Igor Severyanin, a marriage takes place on Felisse Kruut. For the Severyanin, the poems of that period differ significantly from the early lyrics. The poet died in Tallinn during the German occupation from a heart attack.

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Biography of Igor Severyanin