Biography of Louise May Olcott

Biography of Louise May Olcott

Louise May Alcott is an American writer.

She was born in the city of Germantown, Philadelphia. The main part of knowledge Louise received from her father Bronson Olcott, since his education was mostly dealt with by him personally. Louise May was friends with the Emerson and the Thoreau family. Her first book, “Flower Tales,” was written for Emmer’s daughter as an entertaining story.

Before becoming a writer, Louise May Alcott endowed with total determination, worked as a seamstress, in order to make at least some contribution to the family budget. Working as a nurse during the Civil War, Louise publishes her work entitled “Hospital sketches,” which she tells her family about in a letter. Her subsequent work was the novel “Mood”, which

was published in 1864.

For the first time, Louise Olcott achieved unprecedented fame and wealth with the product “Little Women”, which is one of the most popular children’s books ever written. The novel, which tells about the adventures of teenagers, the 4 sisters of March, is largely autobiographical, as the author presents himself as a lively, energetic Joe Mart. Continuation of this novel are: “Good Wives”, “Little Men”, and “Guys Joe”.

Other works of Louise Olcott for young readers include: “Old Fashioned Girl”, “8 Kuzin”, and “Under the Lilac.” All of them are family paintings, which the author described with warmth and perception of Victorian America.

She also writes novels for adults, namely “Work”, which is based on the author’s own experience, in whose biography there were complex moments in which Louise May Alcott was the wet nurse for her entire family. Also, the unfinished works of Diana and PERCIS, the study of the relationship between the two women artists. Another adult voluminous novel is “The Long Fatal Love for Chase,” which was originally rejected by its publishers, as it was too sensational. Then, it was discovered in the manuscript in the early 1990s and, finally, was published in 1995.

In 1996, another manuscript by Louise May Olcott was discovered, which contained the very first novel written for young people, entitled “Heritage”, which was created in 1849, when the author was 18.


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Biography of Louise May Olcott