Biography of Lermontov

Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov is a great Russian poet and prose writer, as well as a talented artist and playwright whose works have had a tremendous impact on writers of the 19th and 20th centuries. His work is known for a wide variety of themes and motifs of the lyrics. The poet made an invaluable contribution to the formation of a realistic novel of the 19th century.

Childhood and Education

Mikhail Lermontov was born on October 3, 1814 in the family of an officer, He was brought up by his grandmother. Almost all of his childhood Lermontov spent at her estate in Tarkhany.

After home education in the biography of Lermontov began studying in a university boarding house in Moscow. There were written the first poems Lermontov.

Then in the life of Lermontov studied at Moscow University. At this time, Lermontov was very keen on the works of Friedrich Schiller and William Shakespeare and George Byron.

After studying at the university, he spent two years

at the school of guard sub-keepers of Petersburg.

Service and the beginning of the literary path

In 1834 he began to serve in the Hussar Regiment in Tsarskoe Selo.

Popularity to the poet comes along with the release of the poem “The Death of a Poet”, dedicated to the death of Alexander Pushkin. For this work Lermontov was arrested and sent into exile. Thanks to the efforts of my grandmother and Vasily Zhukovsky, who was close to the emperor, I managed to soften the punishment a little. On the way to the Caucasus, Lermontov stops for a month in Moscow. At the same time, Lermontov’s work Borodino was written for the anniversary of the battle.

During the Caucasian exile, Lermontov’s art only flourishes: in addition to literature, he is still engaged in painting. Thanks to the motions of the grandmother returned to St. Petersburg, restored in service.

Creativity of the poet and the second link

Further work in Mikhail Lermontov’s biography is connected with the editorship of Otechestvennye zapiski.

For the duel with the son of the French ambassador

E. Barant, the poet is again sent into exile to the Caucasus, where he participates in military operations.

Lyric Lermontov has the property of estrangement, gravitation to eternity. The most important works of Lermontov: Sail, Masquerade, Boyarin Orsha, Mtsyri, Borodino, Prisoner, Demon, Hero of Our Time are considered masterpieces of literature.

“The legacy of Lermontov entered the flesh and blood of Russian literature,” – so briefly and precisely AA Blok defined the role of the great writer and his works in the history of literature.

The Last Duel

In Pyatigorsk, returning from the second exile, Lermontov met the old comrade Martynov. He, offended by the evil joke of the poet, Causes Lermontov to a duel. July 15, 1841 this duel Lermontov overtook death.

Chronological table

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Quotations from Lermontov

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Interesting Facts
    The first and only edition of the poems during the life of the poet was released in 1840. Lermontov was not attractive to the female, but he devoted a lot of works to the Love topic. Once acquainted with a young girl from the neighboring estate – Ekaterina Sushkova, Lermontov does not get mutual sympathy. Because of what she decides to take revenge on her, and after a while falls in love with herself and upsets her upcoming wedding. Then he “throws” Sushkov and admits that he never loved her. Being a daring man, Lermontov has been in a duel 3 times in his short life, and 4 times the duel was avoided due to the sanity of those around him. In the last duel, everyone was sure that Lermontov’s opponent missed, because he was known as a “slanting” shooter who did not have enough experience in this matter. However, Martynov got Mikhail Lermontov right in the chest, which led to the death of the poet. View all Interesting facts about Lermontov’s life

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Biography of Lermontov