Summary of the “Mexican” of London

Summary of the “Mexican” of London

At the headquarters of the Junta, the boy appeared recently. He was a frail young man of eighteen. To the members of the Junta, he stated that his name was Felipe Rivera, and that he wanted to work for the revolution. At first, none of the revolutionaries believed the guy, suspecting him as one of Diaz’s paid agents. Even believing in his absolute patriotism, he was not liked in the Junta – his gloomy appearance and no less gloomy character did not have this. In the guy flowed the blood of Mexicans and Indians. “There was something poisonous, a serpent lurking in his black eyes, a cold fire burning in them, a huge, concentrated malice.”

His revolutionary activity Felipe began with cleaning the office of the Junta. “Where he slept, they did not know, did

not even know when and where he ate.” The revolution is not cheap, and the Junta constantly needed money. Once Felipe paid sixty gold dollars for renting premises in which the revolutionary center was located. Since then, from time to time, the guy put out “gold and silver for the needs of the Junta.” The comrades understood that Rivera “went through hell”, but still could not love him.

Soon Phillip received the first important task. “Juan Alvarado, commander of the federal troops, turned out to be a rascal.” Because of him, the revolutionaries lost touch with the old and new adherents in Lower California. Felipe reconnected, and Alvarado was found in bed with a knife in his chest. Now the comrades began to be afraid of Rivera. Very often the guy came so beaten up that he could not fulfill his duties.

The closer the Mexican revolution was, the less money the Junta had left. The time has come when everything was ready, but there was no money to buy weapons. Rivera promised to get five thousand dollars and disappeared. He went to Roberts, the boxing coach. All the money Felipe earned in the ring, where he served as a “boxing pear” for more experienced athletes. During this time, Rivera learned a lot. The coach believed that the guy was born for boxing, but Felipe was interested

only in the revolution.

On that day there was a meeting of two famous boxers, but one of the rivals broke his arm. Rivera was asked to replace him and meet in the match with the famous Danny Ward. For the match the guy was offered from a thousand to six hundred dollars, but Felipe did not like it. He needed everything, and he suggested: the winner gets everything. Rivera was sure that he would beat Danny. This unshakable confidence angered Ward, and he agreed.

In the ring Rivera appeared unnoticed – everyone was waiting for champion Danny. Almost no one put on Rivera. Fans believed that the guy will not last five rounds. Felipe did not pay attention to the audience. He recalled his childhood spent at the white walls of a hydroelectric station in Rio Blanco, his father, “a mighty, broad-shouldered long-haired man.” Then his name was not Felipe, but Juan Fernandez. His father was also a revolutionary. Rivera recalled the strike and the shooting of the workers who took part in it. Felipe’s parents were also shot.

Finally, Danny came out into the ring. Immediately, the contrast between the smooth, well-fed and muscular Danny and his skinny opponent became apparent. The audience could not see that the River’s body was strong and lean, and the chest was broad and powerful.

The match began, and Danny brought down a hail of blows on Felipe. Everyone was sure of Ward’s victory and everyone was amazed when Rivera sent the champion into a knockout. But even the judge was on Danny’s side – he counted the minutes so slowly that the champion managed to come to himself. For Felipe, these same minutes ran much faster. The guy was not surprised, because the match was “dirty gringo”, which he hated so much. He was reminded of “railway tracks in the desert, gendarmes and American cops, prisons and police dungeons, vagrants at the pumping stations – all of his terrible and bitter odyssey after the Rio Blanco and strikes.” He thought only of one thing: a revolution needs a weapon.

In the tenth round, Rivera was able to triple Danny three times with his crowning blow. Persistence of the guy began to irritate the public, because all put on the champion. The coach and the owner of the room began to persuade the guy to surrender, and Felipe realized that they wanted to cheat him. From that moment he did not listen to anyone’s advice. Danny was furious, he showered a stubborn hail blows. At the seventeenth round, Felipe pretended that his strength was over, and sent Danny to a knockout. Three times the champion rose, and three times Rivera put him in the ring. Finally, Danny “lay down” finally, and the judge had to count Rivera’s victory.

No one congratulated Felipe. With a burning hatred, he circled the hall, the hateful faces of the gringos, and thought: “The revolution will continue.”

Peredkazala Julia Peskovaya

The protagonist of the work is a young man named Felipe Rivera, a passionate fan of the revolution. When Filipe appeared at the headquarters of the Junta, many members of the organization distrusted him, but after a real deal, they began to be afraid. This case was the cold-blooded murder of Juan Alvarado. his first day at the headquarters of the guy began with cleaning and replenishing the budgets of the commune. But his gloomy appearance, and a very secretive character, still frightened off his fellow revolutionaries. Filipe did not seek to please anyone, his goal was not friendship, but a continuation of the revolution.

To the revolutionary movement, Felipe Rivera was introduced as a child, although his name was Juan Fernandez. His father was shot for assisting underground revolutionary organizations, and the boy firmly decided to continue his father’s business.

Revolution is a very expensive thing. Soon, Junta needed money to buy weapons, and Filipe promised to get five thousand dollars. To fulfill his promise, the young man agreed on a duel in a boxing ring. Rivera used to earn money by being a live punching bag for athletes, but his coach was convinced of the talent of his ward, however, Philip did not care about anything other than the revolution.

By coincidence, Philip had to enter the ring against one of the most famous boxers of the time – Danny. To make money, Rivera put everything to his victory, he was sure that he would beat the champion. When Danny came into the ring, the crowd exploded with cheers, and Rivera was not even noticed. Compared with his rival, Filipe was much smaller and thinner, and, according to the public, had no chance of winning. But after the knockout in the first round, many noticed the advantage of the Mexican over the champion. But the judge was on Ward’s side, and counted the seconds too slowly, thus allowing Danny to recover.

Already in the tenth round, Rivera was able to triple Denny three times with his crowning blow. Coach Danny and the owner of the hall suggested that Filipe surrender. But the Mexican confidently went to victory and did not listen to anyone’s advice. So seven more rounds passed. Danny in a fit of fury began to shower Philip with powerful blows. Rivera pretended to be tired and could not continue the fight, and when the opponent relaxed, he knocked him out. Only after the third knockout, the referee acknowledged Rivera’s victory, but the audience instead of applause showered the young man with abuse.

When Filipe left the ring, he did not care what they thought of him, he knew that the revolution would continue.

Summary of the “Mexican” of London