Biography of Immanuel Kant

Immanuel Kant is a German philosopher.

Training in the biography of Kant took place in the gymnasium “Friedrichs-Collegium”, then at the University of Königsberg. Because of the difficult financial situation as a result of the death of his father, he leaves his studies, is engaged in teaching activities.

Kant’s first work was developed from 1747 to 1755. After receiving his doctorate, he taught for 40 years. In 1770, in the biography of Immanuel Kant was received the post of professor of logic, metaphysics at his home university.

Kant worked on solving four problems: metaphysics, morality, religion, anthropology. The main works in the field of epistemology, ethics, aesthetics, thanks to which Kant’s ideas were widely spread, were “Critique of Pure Reason”, “Criticism of Practical Reason”, “Criticism of Judgment”.

In the theory of knowledge, Kant singled out categories: quantities, qualities, relations, modalities. Ethics in the biography of Kant was viewed from two perspectives: man, as phenomena and things in themselves. The aesthetics of the great philosopher stand out the ideas of the beautiful, sublime. Kant died on 12 February 1804 in Koenigsberg.

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Biography of Immanuel Kant