Biography of Honore de Balzac

Honore de Balzac – French novelist, was born in the town of Touré.

Balzac is one of the great masters of novels. Having an accessory to the noble family, he later added a piece – de to his own name.

Without taking up education as a child, his parents sent him to a gymnasium in Tours and then to Vendome College, where he was a weak student, but an insatiable reader.

In 1816 he began to study law in the Sorbonne, but after obtaining a license in 1819 decided to give up the right in favor of literature.

Living in starvation in the attics of Paris, Balzac began to write sensational novels to order, publishing them under a pseudonym.

Throughout his life he worked with feverish activity, slept for hours in the evenings and wrote from midnight to noon the next day.

He escaped from debts that grew faster than the proceeds from his business ventures.

The first success of Balzac was the book “Shuany”, followed by “Shagreen’s


In the next 20 years, he presented a huge collection of novels and short stories called “The Human Comedy.”

This great work in the biography of Honore de Balzac was reproduced by the French society of his time, detailing the details of more than 2,000 figures from each class and profession.

The main novels of Balzac are “The Human Comedy”, “Louis Lambert”, “Eugene Grande”, “In Search of the Absolute”, “Father Gorio”, “Lost Illusions”, “Caesar Birotto”, “Cousin Bette” and “Cousin Pons”.

Analyzing the shortcomings of Balzac, – the lack of literary style, his teachings, the tendency to melodrama, it should be noted that they are also virtues, original and vividly described.

His short stories are best relative to the language of the narrative, but his attempts at writing dramas have proved unsuccessful. Unattractive, clumsy man, Balzac had several very well-known connections. Only a couple of months before his death, he married the Polish countess Eveline of Han, with whom he had romantic correspondence for 18 years.

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Biography of Honore de Balzac