Biography of Evander Holyfield

Evander Holyfield – American boxer, was born in the city of Etmore, Alabama. In 1984, he won a bronze medal at the Olympic Games. In 1988, the boxer again became world champion in light heavyweight.

Back in the biography, it should be noted that in 1990 Holyfield defeated Buster Douglas, securing the world title of heavyweight champion. First, losing to Riddick Bow, later in 1993 Evander won points against Riddick. The title of boxer lost in 1994 to Michael Moorer.

After a short departure from Evander, in 1995, a duel took place between him and Mike Tyson. Holyfield defeated the title. The replay took place in 1997. During this infamous fight, Tyson was disqualified for taking a piece of ear off Holyfield.

Evander in 1999 met in the ring with Lennox Lewis. The fight was judged by the judges in a draw. However, later in the same year Holyfield lost the battle to Lewis. After the title of champion of WBA was lost in the biography of Evander Holyfield by the decision of the judges, the athlete again regained his title in 2000. Then he defeated John Ruiz. Nevertheless, the following year, Ruiz won the fight with Evander.

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Biography of Evander Holyfield