Biography of Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is an actor, stuntman, director, producer, singer.

Born Jackie Chan April 7, 1954 in Hong Kong. From childhood, he studied music – he studied at the opera school. And besides this, the boy’s big hobby was kung fu. Jackie Chan started as a stuntman for the first time in the movie in his biography. He took part in extras, where stunts were required. Over time, began to play a larger role.

So in the 1970s films such as “In the Claw of the Eagle”, “Young Tiger”, “The New Fist of Fury”, “Wooden Men of Shaolin” were released. Jackie Chan as an actor and director succeeds in combining comic situations with excellent kung fu skills and tricks. In the 1990’s, Jackie Chan in his biography begins to appear in Hollywood films. In 1995, the film “Disassembly in the Bronx” with his participation was released, which turned out to be extremely successful and made the actor even more famous. Among other cult films of Jackie Chan: “Police history”, “Drunken master”, “Gromoboy”, “Shanghai noon”.

Also throughout the entire biography of Jackie Chan, vocal talent is traced. Jackie Chan often performs the songs himself for his films. The singer has released 20 albums, performs songs in four languages. Married to actress Lin Feng Jiao, brings up daughter Etta Ou Chok Lam.

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Biography of Jackie Chan