Biography of Alex Rodriguez

Biography of Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez – a baseball player, was born on July 27, 1975 in the city of New York. Best known as “E-Rod”, a baseball star that earned a quarter of a billion dollars. At birth, he received the name Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez.

Shortstop superstar Alex Rodriguez in 2000 signed a contract with Texas Rangers for 10 years at a cost of 252 million dollars. This made him one of the highest paid players in professional baseball.

Rodriguez played for the first time in the main league at the age of 18. And in 20 he began to play the position of a shortstop for the Seattle Mariners. Named “E-Rod” in 1996 during the first full season in the main league has achieved a level of betting 0.358. His strength, defensive skills, charisma, fans, Spanish roots

made him in 2000 a very attractive player. The owner of “Texas” Tom Hicks signed with Rodriguez an unprecedented contract for 252 million.

Rodriguez showed a good game for the “Rangers”, in 2003 he received the title of the most valuable player of the American League. But the team finished last for three years. Many put this fact at fault to the enormous contract of Rodriguez, which made the team limp. In 2004, the baseball player began to play for the “New York Yankees”, taking a position at third base near Derek Jeter. He embarrassed himself with the New York media, was criticized by the fans for his failures of the past seasons, which exceeded his skill. At the end of the 2007 season, during which his betting level was 0.314, and the number of home runs 54, he evaded the last three years of the contract. Rodriguez re-signed a ten-year deal with the Yankees at 275 million.

Additional information: Rodriguez throws, beats with his right hand, wears uniform No. 13. The first appearance in the main league in the biography of Alex Rodriguez is recorded on July 8, 1994. In 1998, he made 42 home runs, 46 taken bases. This made him the third member of the club “40-40”. Rodriguez made his 500th home run on August 4, 2007, becoming the youngest player to achieve such results in the main league. In 2002, the athlete married Cynthia Skrutis. She registered a divorce in 2008. Rodriguez has two daughters from Cynthia: Natasha, Ellu.

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Biography of Alex Rodriguez