Summary “The Freak of the Sixth B” Zheleznikov

Leaving on a business trip to Siberia, my father instructed me to buy a gift for my mother’s birthday – he did not have time to return to the holiday. So I got ten rubles in my hands. I changed the top ten the next day. My bosom friend Sashka Smolin did not believe that such a lot of money is mine. To prove this, I took him to the cinema. But this story began with the return to our school of Nastya Monakhova. She left for a year – she left an ugly duckling, and returned beautiful. Sasha and I fell in love with her at the same time. It is because of Nastya that I agreed to become the leader of the first “A”. When our leader put this responsible assignment on me, the whole class laughed: what kind of leader is I? Only Nastya said that it is a serious matter to raise from an infant some exemplary October. These words made me agree.

My mother, a physical education teacher and gymnast, was skeptical about this – she thought I was a fool. I myself

very quickly forgot about my high mission leader’s mission. In the meantime, “our friendship with Sasha because of Nastia has come to a standstill.” When I talked to her, Sashka’s ruddy face became deathly pale, but my best friend was in nightmares.

My little one came for me herself. I had to go to their class. I could not remember all of them, and I promised to reduce all the first “A” to an automatic photo. To get involved in the fuss with October, I started after the eye-catcher Natasha Morozova distracted me from the responsible football match “sixth B vs. sixth A”. The girl was frightened of the dog, and I had to take her home. On the way I found out that Natasha’s mother died, my father works in Africa as a doctor, and Natasha herself lives with her retirement grandmother.

Sashka long despised me for dropping the match, and “the first-graders beat me completely.” I plunged headlong into the problems of the first “A”, while managing to reduce Nastya for a walk and spend the next ruble from my mother’s gift. For Nastya,

Sasha and I decided to “take care of under the cover of absolute mystery, until she loves one of us.” The defeated man will retire proudly. “

It turns out that Nastya joked when she spoke about the importance of the leader’s work. I even felt a little hurt. One day one of my first-graders asked me to fasten his pants. This was the last straw. I wrote a statement that “I resign from the high post of the leader, because it interferes with my personal life.” Our counselor took my statement, but then my October attacked me – they began to ask me not to leave. In order not to succumb to pity, I began to recall how I separated the fighters, and sewed Natasha’s torn dress with a nail. To my surprise, “all these memories did not cause me to protest or resent”. At parting, I still decided to reduce my wards to an automatic photo. Entering the first class, I wrote about this on the board, and suddenly began to think of my first-graders, their naive and live faces.

In the movie, Nastya went with Sasha, and I plunged headlong into the fuss with the October. For automatic photography and pies with jam, I spent a few more rubles from the “gift” a dozen.

And after a while a scandal broke out, “unexpected and grandiose.” They suddenly decided to dismiss me from the post of the leader. ” Just on that day I had to lead the guys to the circus. I wanted to go to the circus, but I got to the director. Sitting in the waiting room, I remembered, because of what all this happened. It began with the fact that Natasha was frightened of a lizard, which a classmate slipped her into the desk. Then I decided to fight with cowardice by scientific methods – I collected first class at home and arranged a “horror attraction” in a dark room. Streltsova is my “psychotherapy” only from the second time. At home, she told her mother. She immediately went to the director, and along with this story, told him about the other two.

One of them occurred at the very beginning of my activity, when I went to the houses of my wards. The father of first-grader Tolika collected porcelain. A little boy and treated me with tea from the rarest collection cup, which I, of course, broke. I did not know how rare she was, so I collected the fragments and threw them out. A scandal broke out, which soon recognized Streltsova, the eldest.

Another story occurred in the Streltsovs. Then the senior members of the Streltsov family treated me without prejudice and quietly left their Zina for my care. Zina invited Natasha and Tolia, and the fun began. As a result, the new yellow skirt of Zina’s mother was stained with ink. I offered to repaint it. The stain did not disappear, and my relationship with Streltsova, the eldest, was greatly complicated.

As a sin, on the day when the director found out about my exploits, I received just five deeds – Nastya was instructed to pull up the laggards, and I decided to occupy this place by all means. Seeing these deuces, the director suddenly remembered that he had received a letter from the police on me. “The thing is that they took me out with a scandal from the pool, I was there at the competitions and whistled in two fingers.” But I whistled something for a reason. I decided to make sportsmen out of first class, so I brought them to the pool. The angry coach made us all undress, but he chose only Streltsov. I told him that “they have a bad job” – the competitions are losing, and the young and healthy replenishment is refused. After this conversation there were demonstration competitions, on which I booed the swimmer of this very trainer.

My pedagogical career was hanging by a thread, when my first-graders broke into the director’s office and started defending me and defending me. Here the director and noticed in my hand a notebook, where I pasted all the instant photos of my kids. He flipped through the notebook and left me a counselor.

On this day I saw Streltsov, the eldest again. We were going to the circus, and noticed that Genka did not show up. After I went to pick him up, I found that the boy was helping the cleaning mother clean up the snow-he had not told her about the circus. Then we all armed with shovels and began to help, and the elder Streltsova, passing by, called me an eccentric, as if she cursed. But I did not take offense at it, but we still got into the circus, and I spent the remains of the cherished ten on ice cream.

I did not buy a gift to my mother. I had to pretend that I forgot about birthday. “I finally got confused both as a son and as a teacher.” The fact is that the teacher of my first-graders fell ill, and I was instructed to watch class during the control. I regretted them and wrote a cheat sheet, which was used by everyone except Natashka. She received the only two in the class. Natasha is a truth-loving person, she did not write off the principle, and when I reproached her, the girl stopped talking to me.

In the afternoon, my father called and demanded a report – that he bought his mother, when and where. I had to admit that I spent the money. Just as bravely I decided to confess to our new leader that the first-graders had written off because of me. Sasha also gave me a surprise. Nastya found a bunch of flowers in her desk, and decided that Sashka had put them there. I already decided that it was time to “proudly retire,” when Sashka announced that he was not involved, and Nastya bought the flowers herself. Then I had to intervene and say that this unhappy bouquet was brought by me. After that, Sashka long ran from me, “like a hare.” After that, I confessed to the leader in the crime, and congratulated my mother on the phone.

In the department store where I was trying to catch Sasha, I met our former counselor – now she worked as a saleswoman. I told her the whole story. She said that I have a pedagogical vocation, and lent two rubles to my mother for flowers. Then I caught up with Sashka, we bought flowers and went to my birthday cake.

Several days it was quiet. All first-graders came to me, except Natasha, and then I found out that the girl had appendicitis, and she was taken to the hospital. I told her grandmother that Natasha would stay in school, and then we all went to the hospital with the first “A”. The surgeon was surprised, calmed me, and then winked – he too was an oddball. I winked back and suddenly thought that it was thanks to the first “A” I “live a life that made me happy.”

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Summary “The Freak of the Sixth B” Zheleznikov