“Amazing Travels of Baron Munchausen” by Burger in Brief Contents

Amazing journeys on land and sea, military campaigns and fun adventures of Baron von Munchausen, about which he usually tells for a bottle in the circle of his friends

The time of the adventures described in the book of Baron Munchausen – the end of the XVIII century., During the plot the main character is in different countries, where the most incredible stories happen to him. The whole narrative consists of three parts: the Baron’s own narrative, the naval adventures of Munchausen and travels around the world and other noteworthy adventures of the hero.

The incredible adventures of the most truthful person in the world, Baron Muyusauzen, on the way to Russia, begin. On the way, he falls into a terrible snowstorm, stops in a clear field, binds his horse to a pole, and when he wakes up, he finds himself in the village, and his poor horse beats on the dome of the church bell tower, from where he shoots it with a sharp shot in the bridle. Another time, when he

is riding a sleigh through the woods, a wolf who has jumped all the way onto his horse in a harness is so bite into the horse’s body that, after eating it, he himself is harnessed to a sleigh on which Munchausen and safely travels to Saint – Petersburg.

Settled in Russia, the Baron often goes hunting, where amazing things happen to him, but resourcefulness and courage always prompt him to get out of the predicament. So, one day he has to use, instead of a gun flint, a forgotten house, to use a shot to shoot a spark that fell from him when it struck from the eyes. Another time, on a piece of fat strung on a long rope, he manages to catch so many ducks that they could safely carry him on their wings to the house where he alternately turns his neck and makes a soft landing.

Walking through the forest, Munchausen notices a magnificent fox so as not to spoil her skin, he decides to catch it, nailing it to the tree. Poor fox, without waiting for the decision of the hunter, she leaves her own skin and runs into the forest, so the baron gets her magnificent fur coat. Without coercion comes to the kitchen

Munchausen and blind vetch. When the baron, with his well-aimed shot, falls into the tail of the piglet’s guide, for which the mother held, the piglet runs away, and the pig, following the tail, obediently follows the hunter.

Most of the unusual accidents on the hunt are due to the fact that Munchausen runs out of ammunition. The baron in the head of a deer shoots the cherry stone in place of the cartridge, and then a cherry tree grows between the horns. With the help of two rifle flints, Munchausen blows a monstrous bear that attacked him in the forest. The baron turns the wolf inside out, thrusting his hand through his open mouth into his belly.

Like any inveterate hunter, Munchausen’s favorite pets are greyhound dogs and horses. His favorite greyhound did not want to leave the baron even when it was time for her to have a progeny, so she became more active during the chase after the hare. Imagine Munchausen’s surprise when he saw that not only his bitch rushes its offspring, but the hare is also pursued by her rabbit, which she gave birth also during the chase.

In Lithuania, Munchausen tames the zealous horse and receives it as a gift. During the storming of the Turks in Ochakov, the horse loses its back, which the baron later finds in a meadow surrounded by young mares. Munchausen is not at all surprised at this, he takes and sews the horse’s croup with young laurel sprouts. As a result, not only the horse grows together, but the laurel sprouts give roots.

During the Russo-Turkish war, in which our valorous hero could not help but take part, several more amusing incidents took place with him. So, he travels to the camp of the Turks on a cannonball and in the same way returns back. During one of the transitions, Munchausen, along with his horse, almost drowned in the swamp, but, having collected the last forces, he himself pulls himself out of the quagmire’s hair.

No less exciting are the adventures of the famous storyteller and the sea. On his first trip Münhausen visits the island of Ceylon, where he hunts, it would seem, in a desperate situation between the lion and the open mouth of the crocodile. Without losing a moment, the baron cuts the lion’s head with a hunting knife and shoves it into the mouth of the crocodile until he stops breathing. The second sea journey Munchausen commits to North America. Third – throws a baron into the waters of the Mediterranean, where he gets into the stomach of a huge fish. Dancing in her belly incendiary Scottish dance, the baron makes a poor animal so beat in the water that it is noticed by Italian fishermen. The fish caught by the harpoon gets on the ship, so the traveler is freed from his imprisonment.

During his fifth voyage by sea from Turkey to Cairo, Munchausen acquires excellent servants who help him win a dispute with the Turkish sultan. The essence of the dispute boils down to the following: the baron undertakes to deliver from Vienna to the court of the Sultan a bottle of good Tokay wine for an hour, for which the sultan will be allowed to take as much gold from his treasury as Munchausen’s servant can carry away. With the help of his new servants – a speed skier, a rumor and a pointed arrow, the traveler fulfills the condition of betting. Strongly, with ease, at once takes out the entire treasury of the Sultan and immerses it on a ship that hastily leaves Turkey.

After helping the British during their siege of Gibraltar, the baron sets off on his northern sea voyage. Resourcefulness and fearlessness also help the great traveler here. Once surrounded by fierce polar bears, Munchausen, killing one of them and hiding in his skin, destroys all others. He saves himself, produces magnificent bear hides and delicious meat, which treats his friends.

The list of adventures of the Baron, probably, would be incomplete if he had not visited the Moon, where his ship was thrown by the waves of a hurricane. There he meets with the amazing inhabitants of the “sparkling island”, in which “the belly is a suitcase,” and the head is a part of the body that can exist completely independently. Lunatics are born from nuts, and from one shell a warrior hatchs, and from another – a philosopher. In all this the Baron proposes to convince his listeners themselves, going immediately to the Moon.

The next amazing journey of the Baron begins with the exploration of Etna volcano. Munchausen jumps into the fire-breathing crater and is on a visit to the god of fire of Vulcan and his cyclops. Then, through the center of the Earth, a great traveler enters the South Sea, where together with the Dutch ship’s crew he opens a cheese island. People on this island with three legs and one hand. They feed exclusively on cheese, washing it with milk from the rivers flowing along the island. Everyone here is happy, because there are no hungry people on this earth. After leaving a wonderful island, the ship, which was Munchausen, falls into the belly of a huge whale. It is not known how the future fate of our traveler would have developed and we would have heard of his adventures if the crew of the ship failed to escape together with the ship from captivity. Inserting the masts of the ship into the animal’s mouth instead of the struts, they managed to slip out. Thus the travels of Baron Munchausen end.

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“Amazing Travels of Baron Munchausen” by Burger in Brief Contents