Summary “Gogol’s Sorochinsky Fair”

At the beginning of the story, the description of the midday beauties of the end of summer in Little Russia. On the way to the fair in Sorochinets, loaded with goods, wagons are moving, many people are walking there too. On one of the carts sat a black-browed girl – Paraska and her wicked stepmother, behind is the weary-hot master – Solopiy Cherevik. The locals pay attention to this when they enter the bridge over the river Psel. One of them, dressed as a richer and brighter, starts a quarrel with his stepmother and admires the parasite.

The incident is forgotten when the travelers arrive at the kumu – Kozak Tsybul. Cherevik and his daughter soon go to the fair, pushing between people Cherevik learns that the fair is deployed in the “accursed place” and everyone is afraid of the appearance of the red scroll, which was already true signs. Cherevik fears for the imported wheat, but when he sees Paraska, embracing with a young fellow returns to a beautiful

mood. The boy is called Golupupenko’s son and takes Cherevik to the tent, quickly arranges for a wedding after several mugs. His wife is against the wedding, Cherevik is inferior to her. Gritsko is saddened, he is taken (not for nothing) to help the gypsies, who bought oxen from him.

Soon there is a stir at the fair, many saw a red scroll. Cherevik with the godfather and daughter, change their mind about spending the night under the carts, hurrying home with the frightened guests. Khavronya Nikiforovna, not expecting the return of her husband, hastily hides his lover – Popovich Afanasy Ivanovich – on the boards under the ceiling and sits at the table as if on needles. Kum undertakes to tell the story of the red scroll: the devil was expelled from the baking for some fault, drank with sorrow, drank everything and laid the red scroll, with the promise to return for her in a year. The greedy innkeeper forgot about the term, sold the scroll to the traveling man, and when the devil came, he pretended that he had never seen him.

The devil retired, but in the evening he interrupted the prayer

of the cabaretter, terrible pigs appeared on his long legs, like stilts, they treated him with a whip until he confessed. The scroll was gone, the scone was stolen from Pan by a Pan and sold to a secondhand dealer who brought her to a fair in Sorochinets. She did not go to trade, she realized that the matter was in the scroll and threw it into the fire, but the scroll was not burnt, and the secondhand dealer threw it on someone else’s cart. The new master chopped the scroll to pieces with prayer, scattered pieces around and left. Since that time, the devil with the pig’s snout has been looking for pieces of his scroll at the fair, he only needs to find the left sleeve. The story was interrupted several times by strange sounds, and at the end a window was broken, the pig’s muzzle was thrust into the window.

There was a terrible commotion popovich crashed from under the ceiling with a crash, the godfather hid under the hem of his wife, and Cherevik, grabbing a pot, instead of a hat, started running until he fell in the middle of the road. In the morning the fair is full of new terrible rumors about the red scroll. Cherevik, with a grunt leads to sell the mare. But he notices a piece of a red sleeve tied to the bridle and runs in terror. He is grabbed by the lads and accused of stealing his own mare, and at the same time with the godfather who fled from the dreamed devilry, locked in a shed. Both of the kumas, who are mourning their bitter share, are discovered by Golopupenkov’s son, who releases the slaves with the condition to give him Paraska. Solopi, returning home, finds both the mare and the buyers for wheat. Soon everyone is having fun on a merry wedding, although her stepmother tried to stop her.

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Summary “Gogol’s Sorochinsky Fair”