A brief tale of the “Nightingale”

In the forest, next to the estate of the Chinese emperor, lived a nightingale. And he sang so beautifully that the poor fisherman, having heard, temporarily did not remember his seine. The wanderers who arrived in the area admired the magnificent singing of the bird and believed that the emperor had nothing better than a nightingale. When the emperor himself read about the nightingale, immediately sent his first minister to find and bring to him, so he really wanted to enjoy the evening singing of the nightingale. But no one knew anything about the bird. Only after threats to the court, the dishwasher said where to look. As they walked to the place, the cows mooed for singing the nightingale, then they also made the mistake with the frogs, but they found a bird. His appearance was not outstanding, but singing pierced his soul, everyone was delighted.

From the song of the nightingale the emperor even shed a tear. This was the best praise for him, out of all possible. The bird became

even more popular, the palace became a home, and the servants looked after it. So it happened that the emperor was given a nightingale made of gold decorated with expensive stones, he was a copy of the living one, but he sang only one song from all that was performed alive – he flew away, and the artificial bird received an ovation. Fishermen remained true to the real living nightingale, they considered gold only a copy.

Time passed, and the mechanical mechanism of the bird was worn out, past a year. An order was issued to establish the mechanism of an artificial nightingale to listen to singing only once a year. Fifteen years later, a deadly disease attacked the emperor. The golden bird did not sing, just lay side by side. Suddenly a nightingale flew in and chased death away with his singing. The Nightingale as a reward wished to keep a secret that he would fly to the emperor, yet asked not to break a mechanical bird, in memory of her past service. Appearing in the morning in the chambers of the ruler, waiting to see him dead, they found him alive and awake.

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A brief tale of the “Nightingale”