The summary of Tynyanov’s Kyuhlya

The summary of Tynyanov’s Kyuhlya

With honors, Wilhelm graduated from the boarding school. Now relatives want to identify him in the newly opened Tsarskoe Selo Lyceum. At Minister Razumovsky at the reception, he meets with Vanya Pushchin, Misha Yakovlev, Anton Delvig. Pushkin Vasily Lvovich brings his nephew Sasha there. In 1811, on the nineteenth of October, the Lyceum was opened. Wilhelm listens very attentively to the speech of Kunitsyn, who is a professor of moral sciences. In the lyceum of Wilhelm called Kühlei. Comrades often joke at the Kühl. Under the general laughter, Yakovlev depicts the scene of the engagement of Wilhelm with the girl Minchen, Wilhelm then runs into the pond to drown himself, but he is rescued.

Studying Kiukhl well enough, he dreams that Derzhavin will give him his lyre, Wilhelm Kiichelbecker. But in December 1814, on the transfer exam, the greatest impression on Derzhavin, who visited the Lyceum, was producing poetry by Pushkin. Wilhelm is happy for a friend. Kühlyu Pushkin brings the company of the hussar Kaverin, but Wilhelm here feels himself a stranger. After graduating from the Lyceum, Kiichelbecker teaches Russian literature in a boarding school at the Pedagogical Institute. Now he devotes his poems to Zhukovsky. Relations with Pushkin do not turn out very well, because because of one biting ridicule, where the words “and kykhelbekerno and sickening” were heard, it almost came to a duel, but fortunately everything ended in reconciliation.


very quickly bothers to teach, and he wants to do literature, on the advice of Pushkin, and then he begins, attends meetings of the influential journalist Grech, where Wilhelm and meets with Griboyedov and Ryleyev. Kuchelbecker’s poems were published, where he supports Pushkin, exiled to the south. Kukhlya is with Turgenev Nikolai Ivanovich, where he again meets with Kunitsyn, and with friends from the Lyceum, as well as in political debates, participates. But then he very quickly resigns and travels abroad as a secretary to the famous nobleman Naryshkin.

In Germany, Wilhelm overflowed with impressions, he happened to get in touch with Goethe and Ludwig Tik. I tell the Tsar about Kuchelbecker’s forbidden poems, and he orders to establish supervision over the young poet. Wilhelm lectures in the Athenaeum in Paris about Russian literature, where he openly opposes serfdom. By order of the Prefect of Police from France, he is being expelled. Wilhelm had visited Italy, and only then returned to St. Petersburg.

Then the king does not decide to send him to General Ermolov’s office in the Caucasus. Wilhelm wants to send Ermolov to Greece to help the rebels there. Griboedov advises a friend to cool down a bit. Yes, and Wilhelm himself on things already smoril differently after before his eyes Ermolov ordered to shoot one of the Circassian leaders.

He did not serve in the Caucasus for long, and then he settled with his sister Ustinka and her husband Glinka Gregory Andreyevich in the Smolensk estate of Zakup. Dunya Pushkin came to visit Glinka, and Wilhelm falls in love with her. They explain themselves to each other in love, but can not marry because of material circumstances. Wilhelm gives a lot of trouble to relatives: he, along with servant Semyon, disguises himself in peasant clothes, then, seeing the landowner torturing the peasant, he beats him with a whip. Küchelbecker again comes to Moscow, then he goes to Petersburg, where he begins to engage in black journal work with Bulgarin and Grech. At home, he is settled by Alexander Odoevsky.

Rileyev, is preparing an uprising, and accepts William as a member of the secret society. With two pistols, on the belt of the fourteenth of December, Wilhelm runs between the Moscow and Finnish regiments, and tries to find the hiding Trubetskoi. Wilhelm finds himself with his brother Misha and Pushchin Ivan among the soldiers and officers of the Guards Crew, Kiichelbecker aims three times at Grand Duke Michael, but every time a misfire occurs. Begin to shoot from the guns on the rebels. Kiichelbecker wants to raise people and lead them into battle, but it’s too late. The collegiate assessor Kiichelbecker is searched everywhere, by the highest order. At this time, Wilhelm gets to Zabup, then goes to Warsaw, where he is recognized and arrested according to the signs indicated in the playbill. Dunya takes care of the groom, and even reaches Nicholas himself, and asks permission,

Kühlä sits in solitary confinement, and leads imaginary conversations with friends. Then he was transferred to the fortress of Dinaburg, accidentally on the way he meets with passing Pushkin. Wilhelm, from the fortress, writes Griboyedov, but he still does not know that he died in Tehran. Kyukhlya wanders through Barguzin, Aksha, Kurgan, Tobolsk. Wilhelm in Barguzin builds a hut to himself, and quietly forgets about Dunya, and then he received a letter from her in which she said that she had changed her mind about going to him. Wilhelm marries Droniushka, the daughter of a postmaster. After the wedding, a month later he learns that a duke of Pushkin was killed in a duel. On the way to Kurgan, Kiichelbecker spends three days in Yalutorovsk near Pushchino. Before his death, during the illness, William sees Griboyedov in a dream, and speaks with Pushkin in forgetfulness, and also recalls Dunya. Then he died.

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The summary of Tynyanov’s Kyuhlya