Summary “The History of Pushkin’s Revolt” by Pushkin

Summary “The History of Pushkin’s Revolt” by Pushkin

Material on the history of Emelian Pugachev, belonging to AS Pushkin, was collected for a long time. He was interested in the question of the largest uprising of the people on the territory of the Russian Empire. In the novel entitled “The Captain’s Daughter” on the basis of historical material, the destiny of the Russian people and of Russia becomes clear. The work is distinguished by deep moral and historical-philosophical content.

The main storyline of the work is, naturally, Pugachov’s revolt Emelian. Quite a peaceful course of the narrative of the author in the first paragraphs is immediately interrupted. The fate of the main characters is decided not by the word of the parents and not by love, but by the most terrible force, it is called “pugachevshchina.” The Pugachev revolt is the broadest and most terrible riot in the history of the people of Russia. Alexander Pushkin immerses the reader in an unusual atmosphere that prevailed at that time in the country.

Initially, the image of the rebellious people appears rather vaguely – only from conversational scraps. But events develop “at the speed of the wind.” Immediately what was only hints and guesses, seemingly remote events in time, suddenly appears clearly and distinctly during the receipt of a letter about the beginning of the riot by captain Mironov. People in that terrible time murmured and worried, but all this did not give any right decision, which

led to a positive ending. Just then, Pugachev appeared, who introduced himself as Emperor Peter III. He was at the right time in the right places. Pugachev by nature was endowed with the qualities of a leader, and he could lead a large number of people.

Pushkin quite brightly describes Pugachev’s entry into the city after the conquest of the Belogorsky fortress. The people met Pugachev with salt and bread, bells rang, and people bowed. He was met as an emperor. Then the author includes in the novel a scene of reprisal with two old officers and Vasilisa Egorovna. The people welcome this murder. Although neither Ivan Ignatovich nor the Mironovs were not to blame for anything, they were respected people, but despite this no one regretted that they were no more. The massacre with Mironov was accepted by the people as a necessary, legal measure. This historic event emphasizes the ruthlessness and cruelty of the uprising with particular force.

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Summary “The History of Pushkin’s Revolt” by Pushkin