Summary “Marie Roger’s Secret” by

Summary “Marie Roger’s Secret” by

Discovering the secret of the tragic death of Madame D’Espana and her daughter (Murders on Morgue Street), Auguste Dupin again plunges into her melancholy meditations. However, Dupin’s role in the drama on Morgue Street earned him the glory of the seer from the Parisian police, and the prefecture repeatedly tried to resort to his services again. Another attempt is made by the police in connection with the murder of a young girl named Marie Roger.

Beauty Marie worked in a perfume shop. Once she was gone for a week. It happened about three years ago, and then her mother Madame Roger was beside herself with alarm. But Marie returned – a little, however, sad, explaining her absence by staying with a relative in the village.

On the day of the repeated disappearance,

Marie went to her aunt, having arranged with her fiancé Saint-Eustache that he would come for her in the evening. When it became clear that Marie did not come to her aunt, the girl began to look for him and was only found on the Seine on the fourth day. On the body of the unfortunate, there were signs of beatings, and a medical examination showed that Marie was subjected to gross violence. The piece of cambric, tied on the neck, torn from the lower skirt of the victim, was tied with a sea knot.

Newspapers carried around the city conflicting rumors: one wrote that they did not find Marie, the other – that the murder involved a whole gang. Meanwhile, new evidence and evidence is emerging. Innkeeper Madame Delyuk showed that on a fateful day a girl appeared in her tavern, similar to Mari’s; she was accompanied by a swarthy young man. The couple spent some time in the tavern, and then headed towards the forest. Late in the evening the innkeeper heard women’s screams. Later, she recognized the dress, which was on the corpse. A few days later, the children of Madame Deluk discovered a lower skirt, a scarf and a handkerchief with the label “Marie Roger” in the forest.

The narrator, who at Dupin’s request had collected all the materials relating to this affair, heard at last the version of

his astute friend. The stumbling block in this matter Dupin considered his mediocrity. The police did not pay much attention. Nobody, for example, bothered to make inquiries about the swarthy sailor who came with the girl to the inn, or to look for a connection between the first and second disappearances of Marie. But the first flight could end in a quarrel with the alleged lover – and the deceived girl returned home. Then the second flight is evidence that the deceiver resumed his courtship. But why such a big break? But the time elapsed between the first and second disappearances of the girl is the usual period of long voyage of warships.

The alleged place of the murder of Marie – a forest by the river, this, it seems, is said and found the victim’s belongings. However, even the police acknowledge that they are scattered too much, and that things have lain a few days undetected in such a crowded place, suggests that they were thrown later.

Did not pay attention to the boat, which was found floating down the Seine the day after the murder, when the body had not yet been found. And the fact that someone secretly took her, without a rudder, from the head of the pier in another day. The fact that the stone was not tied to the body, because of what it came up, is explained precisely by the fact that it was dropped from the boat, not having anything heavy at hand. This was an oversight of the murderer. It’s hard to judge what happened between the perpetrator and the victim, but it is clear that Marie was not an easy prey and the man had to resort to violence in order to finish her vile plan. The narrator keeps silent about how the police used the evidence collected by Dupin, saying in conclusion that his friend’s inferences were all confirmed and the murderer was soon found.

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Summary “Marie Roger’s Secret” by