Summary “Sweet porridge”

Summary “Sweet porridge”

A few years ago, the king and the queen lived, and every day they said:

-Oh, if we had a child! But they did not have any children and were not.

One day it happened that the queen was sitting in a bath and a frog came out of the water and told her:

– Your desire will be fulfilled: it will not be a year since you give birth to a daughter.

And what the frog said, it happened, gave birth to the queen girl, and she was so beautiful, that the king did not know what to think up for him, and then he made a big feast. He summoned to this feast not only his relatives, friends and acquaintances, but also the leaders, so that those to his child are gracious and supportive. And there were thirteen of them in his kingdom; but since the gold plates on which they were supposed to eat, he had only twelve, then one of them remained uninvited. The holiday was celebrated with great splendor, and at the end the hosts presented the child with wonderful gifts: one virtue, another beauty, the third wealth and everything that could be desired in the world.

When eleven already pronounced their predictions, suddenly appeared at the feast thirteenth. She wanted revenge for not being invited. And so, with no one gloating or looking at anyone, she exclaimed with a loud voice:

– The bride in the fifteenth year should prick about the spindle and from this die!

And without another word, she turned and left the room. Everyone was frightened, but

then the twelfth lead came out, she had not yet said her wish; and since she could not reverse the evil curse, but could only soften it, she said:

“But it will not be death, but only an age-old deep sleep, into which the princess will fall.”

The king, wishing to save his beloved daughter from misfortune, issued a decree: all spindles in the whole kingdom burned.

So all the predictions given to the girl by her guides were fulfilled: she was so beautiful, so modest, friendly and so reasonable that everyone who saw her involuntarily admired her.

It happened that on the day when she was fifteen years old, the king and queen was not at home and the girl remained alone in the castle. She went to wander throughout the castle, to inspect the chambers and pantries all that she pleases; and she went, finally, to the old tower. She climbed a narrow twisted ladder into that tower and found herself at a small door. And there was a rusty key in the lock; she turned it, the door flew open, she sees an old woman sitting there in a small light at the spindle and spinning the yarn diligently.

– Hello, grandmother, says the princess, what are you doing here

“I spin the yarn,” answered the old woman and nodded to her.

– What kind of thing is that, so gaily twirled the girl asked, took the spindle and wanted to take up the yarn too.

But only she touched the spindle, as a slander was fulfilled, and she pricked a finger with a spindle. And the moment she felt the prick, she fell on the bed that was standing in the light, and fell into a deep sleep.

And this dream spread throughout the castle; the king and the queen, who just returned home and entered the hall, also fell asleep, and along with them all the courtiers. The horses in the stalls also fell asleep, and the dogs in the yard, the pigeons on the roof, the flies on the walls; even the fire that burned in the stove, and he froze and fell asleep, and the roast ceased to hiss and toast, and the cook, who had grabbed the cook by the hair of the cook for having overlooked something, released him and also fell asleep. And the wind ceased, and not a single leaf on the trees near the castle moved.

And began to grow around the castle barbed thorn thickets; every year it was getting higher and higher and finally surrounded the entire castle. It grew above the castle itself, and in this thicket it became completely invisible, and even the flag on the tower could not be seen.

And the rumor about the beautiful sleeping princess, which Shipovnicek nicknamed, went around the country, and different princes began to run there from time to time, and they tried to make their way through the dense thickets to the castle. But it was impossible, since the thorns held tightly one by one, as though holding hands, and the young men tangled in the thickets, and, clinging to the thorns, could no longer escape from them, and perished in a painful death.

After many and many years, one prince returned to that country, and he heard from an old man about a prickly thicket and about a castle where, for a hundred years now, a fairy-tale princess was sleeping under the nickname Shipovnicek; and the king and the queen and all the courtiers are sleeping with her at the same time. The old man told him about what he had heard from his grandfather, as if many princes had already come in to try to break through the thorns, but they all stayed there, clinging to the thorns, and died a miserable death. Then the young man said:

“I’m not afraid of it, I want to go there and see the beautiful prince Shipovnicek.”

The good old man began to discourage him from going there, but he did not obey the advice.

And by that time just a century had passed, and the day came when the princess Shipovnicek was to wake up again. The prince came to the prickly thickets, looked, saw beautiful trees growing instead of thorns, they themselves parted before him, and again closed, and again became a hedge. He saw horses and red hounds in the yard that lay and slept; sat on the roof of a dove, hiding their heads under the wing. He entered the castle and saw that flies were sleeping on the wall, and the cook in the kitchen was still holding out his hand, as if he was about to grab the cook by the hair, and there was a cook in front of a black chicken she had to pluck.

He went further and saw that all the courtiers lay and sleep in the hall, and at the top near the throne lie the king with the queen. And he went on, and everything was so quiet that he could even hear his own breath.

He approached the tower at last and opened the door of a small light-box, where Shipovnychek slept. She lay and was so beautiful that he could not take his eyes off her; and he bent over her and kissed her. And only he touched her, opened her eyes, woke up and looked at him affectionately. And they went down together with the tower.

And then the king and the queen woke up and all the courtiers, and they looked at each other in astonishment. The horses got up in the yard and began to shake themselves off. The dogs hounded and waved their tails. The pigeons picked up their heads on the roof, looked around and flew into the field. Flies began to creep along the wall. The fire in the kitchen rose, too, flamed and began to cook dinner; the hot start to roast again and hiss. And the cook gave such a slap to the cook that he cried out; and the cook began to pluck the chicken quickly.

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Summary “Sweet porridge”