“Killing of Shishupala” Maghy in brief summary

The poem, borrowing one of the plots of the “Mahabharata”

In Dvaraka, the capital of the Yadav family, is the divine sage Narada and transmits to Krishna, the leader of the Yadavas and the earthly incarnation of the god Vishnu, the message from the king of the gods of Indra, with a request to crack down on the king of the country, Chedi Shishupala, who threatens the gods and people with his evil deeds and intentions. Brother Krishna ardent Badarama suggests immediately attacking Shishupala. But the wise adviser of the Yadavs Uddhava, an expert on the art of politics, advises Krishna to be restrained and wait for a suitable occasion for the outbreak of war. Such an occasion ultimately appears when Krishna receives an invitation to visit the newly built capital of the Indraprastha pandavas, where the coronation of the elder among the Pandava brothers Yudhisthira is to take place.

At the head of a large army, Krishna appears from Dvaraka in Indraprastha. He is accompanied by vassal kings and queens, reclining in luxurious palanquins, courtiers on horses and donkeys, a lot of heteres, dancers, musicians and ordinary citizens. The army passes along the ocean, caressing the beautiful Dvaraka waves like its bride, and at the foot of Mount Rajvataka, on one side of which the sun sets, and on the other the month rises, making it look like an elephant, from whose back two...

glittering bells hang, stops at recreation. And when the sun sinks into the ocean, warriors and courtiers, noble women and commoners, as if imitating him, make evening ablutions. Night comes, which was for all who were in the camp of Yadav, at night of love pleasures and refined passionate pleasures.

The next morning the army crosses the Yamuna River, and soon the streets of Indralrastha are filled with an enthusiastic crowd of women who came to admire the beauty and greatness of Krishna. In the palace, the Pandavas greet him respectfully, and then comes the solemn coronation of Yudhishthira, in which kings from all parts of the earth are present, including King Shishupala. After the coronation, each guest should be given an honorable gift. The first and best gift of pandal grandfather – the just and wise Bhīмаma offers to offer to Krishna. However, just for this gift, Sisupala claims arrogantly. He accuses Krishna of a thousand sins and crimes, among which he calls, in particular, Krishna’s kidnapping of his bride Rukmini, showering the leader of the Yadavas with insolent insults, and finally sending him and his army a call to battle. Now Krsna receives the moral right to fulfill Indra’s request: not he, but Sishupala was the instigator of the quarrel. In the ensuing battle, the Yadavas defeat the Chedi army, and Krishna blows Sisupale’s head at the end of the battle.

“Killing of Shishupala” Maghy in brief summary