Summary “Gogol’s Overcoat”

At the beginning of the story is given a story about the choice of the bizarre name of the main character, Bashmachkin Akaky Akakievich, the title adviser.

A fair number of young people with ranks above the rank of his rank laughed at him, scattered papers, pushed his elbows. And only when he was completely unable to tolerate, not understanding such cruelty, he asked to leave it, a voice that causes compassion. The service of Akaki was in the rewriting of papers, but he performed it with love and saw in his work a special world. And being at home, he could not get distracted from his favorite business. Having written himself well, he went to bed, expecting a new rewriting the next day.

But even such a measured life can change a sudden event. In one of the days that St. Petersburg’s frost always accompanied Akaky Akakyevitch, looking at his old greatcoat (she was even called a hood), she realizes that she has leaked out on her shoulders and back. At first he decides

to darn it from Petrovich, the tailor, but he asserts that nothing can be done with it, but a new overcoat should be made. The price seems to Akaki to be overpriced, but to persuade Petrovich for a smaller one does not come out. Making sure that a new overcoat is necessary, Bashmachkin begins to limit himself in many ways, in order to accumulate the names of Petrovich eighty rubles.

His whole life is transformed: he lives by the dream of a new greatcoat, monthly asking Petrovich about her. However, the cost has risen to one hundred rubles, but finally they together with Petrovich go to the market. Everything: a cloth, a calico for laying a greatcoat, a collar, and the work itself – turned out to be of the highest quality. Because of the reoccurring colds, the title counselor is dressed in a brand new overcoat. This causes a storm of emotions in the department: everyone praises the purchase, forcing Akaki to arrange an evening in this honor. For his happiness, one of the employees, being a birthday boy, invited everyone to tea.

After a day that has become for him a huge event, Akaky Akakyevich at home

with pleasure dines and, having rested and pobizdelnichav, goes to the familiar official. And again his greatcoat is admired, but soon the game of cards begins, and then dinner, champagne. Merrily having fun, Bashmachkov realizes that the hour is late, and goes home. All agitated, he even tries to catch up with an unknown woman, but after a while the empty streets involuntarily start to frighten him. In the middle of an empty square, several mustached people stopped him and stole an expensive overcoat for Akaki.

Concerned by grief, Akaky Akakievich does not get help from a private bailiff. In the department, where he was seen again in a day in the old coat-hood, everyone began to regret Akakia and, sincerely trying to help, even tried to fold. But, in the end, almost nothing typing, is advised to visit a significant person. The person, whose basis of the system was strict, reprimands Bashmachkin for treatment, as it seemed to him, not according to the statute. After this, Akaki falls with a terrible fever and after a while dies. Rumors begin to circulate about the dead man taking all the overcoats from the bridge at night.

Suspicions fall on Bashmachkin, but he does not get to catch the dead man. A significant person for whom there was not much sympathy when he heard of Akaky’s death was terribly worried about this and went to disperse. But on the way, suddenly, he was grabbed by the scruff of the neck. It was none other than Akaki, who took off his greatcoat. This event makes you stop bothering him with all your rigor. The dead man stopped appearing. Only later came a ghost taller with a huge mustache.

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Summary “Gogol’s Overcoat”