The area is 54.6 million km2. The population is -4.95 billion people. The highest point at sea level is the city of Jomolungma, 8850 m.

Spontaneous phenomena are events in nature, manifested as a powerful destructive force. These include, in particular, droughts, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, hurricanes, etc. Natural phenomena

In Eurasia there are many lakes. The largest in terms of area lakes in the world include Baikal, Balkhash and Ladoga. However, the unconditional world

According to scientists, South America began to be populated 15-17 thousand years ago by Indians from North America. They belong to the Mongoloid race. Therefore,

1. Why are large areas covered in Eurasia with modern glaciers? The northern islands and peninsulas of Eurasia, as well as the belt of high

1. Identify which African countries or parts of them are densely populated and which are weak. In which countries are there uninhabited territories? Explain the

The African proverb says: water is more expensive than flour. This indicates that local people value water above wealth. On large areas of Africa, water

1. The objects being compared should have something in common. In this case, the two economic regions bordering each other are called “Central”. The comparison

In Eurasia, there are all kinds of minerals that humanity uses. This is due to the size of the continent and the complex structure of