The climate of Antarctica is the coldest and harsh on the globe. This is primarily determined by the geographic position of the continent and a

The organic world of the Pacific Ocean is extremely rich and diverse. Only in its surface layer was found over a thousand species of microorganisms

1. Compare Siberia and the Far East with the European part of Russia in terms of natural conditions and natural resources. Make a conclusion. These

The occurrence of minerals is associated with the geological structure of the continent. On the shields, where the crystalline rocks of the foundation of the

The coastline of Australia is poorly dissected, there are few bays and convenient bays for the construction of seaports and berths. They are located mainly

1. From the course of national history, recall the reasons for the development of Siberia. What are the natural features of Siberia and why did

1. Which structure has the lithosphere? What phenomena occur on the boundaries of its plates? The lithosphere is heterogeneous in structure and consists of the