It is believed that mathematics is the queen of sciences. With these it is difficult to argue, especially if you understand how many other sciences,

This story was told to me by my friend Zhenya, and to him his uncle, an avid hunter and fisherman. Alexander Alexandrovich, Zhenya’s uncle, traveled

Our favorite park is surrounded on all sides by water. He is on an island that formed a river flowing through the city and man-made

This tank left us relatives, leaving for a long business trip. I did not buy fish myself, I was not even trusted to take care

Russian poetry is our great spiritual treasure, our national pride. But many poets and writers have forgotten, they were not printed, they were not spoken

There is no doubt that many strong people show character traits from childhood. However, to many, will power comes also during life with different tests

When Chekhov pronounced the name of his new play, it seemed to Stanislavsky that it was about something beautiful, dearly loved. The atmosphere of beauty,

As a child, every child makes plans for the future: who wants to become, what profession he will get, what kind of family he will

My favorite flower I would call a tulip. He is spring. and usually tulips rush to grow by March 8. Papa often gives tulips to

Mowgli, a human cub, is brought up by the Indian she-wolf Raksha and her pack, led by the leader Akella, since he was brought to

The magic Christmas holiday my family celebrates every year. The tradition to assemble the whole family at a large table existed as much as I