Why does human beauty depend? Is it only from his external data? And what makes each of us meaningful? I was always, even in my

Thinking about “Experience and Mistakes” is always relevant – at any age, in any state with any mental orientation. However, any such thinking will certainly

AS Pushkin wrote the story “Dubrovsky.” In it, the main character is Vladimir Dubrovsky. Dubrovsky was tall, handsome, brave. He wore the rank of officer.

To be or to seem? What is easier, more convenient? Of course, to seem. Why work on yourself, achieve something, if you can just depict

The Russian language is undoubtedly one of the most colorful and expressive languages ​​in the world. What helps to make Russian speech so bright? What

Philosophical concepts of the meaning of human existence are very diverse. In the most general terms, you can divide them into two branches. Some philosophers

Before we start to study the topic “Writers’ Unions”, we will consider in which section of the Russian language they are included. In Russian there