Composition in the form of an interview with a representative of the profession teacher. – Hello! Please answer a few questions that interest us! –

I read a lot of books. Especially I like works about adventures and magic, all sorts of sorcerers, fairies and magic things. And that’s why

70 years separates us from the times of the Great Patriotic War, from Victory. There are fewer and fewer veterans who can tell both witnesses

Poplar is not an ordinary tree. When they talk about Ukraine or write about it, when they sing Ukrainian songs, there is no such thing

Gray and uninteresting would be the life of our contemporaries, if not for the cultural heritage of our ancestors, which is systematically perfected by talented

“A circus is going to school for us!” – declared the teacher. “And what will the animals bring?” one of the girls asked. “No, there

Internet allows you, without leaving home, to find various information, watch movies, listen to music. Sitting in front of the computer monitor, you can make

Each of you had to use the word “believe”. “Do you believe me?” – we ask the friend, telling him the fascinating story that happened

Last summer, I was lucky to have a rest at the Caspian Sea. Our friends went to Dagestan in their car and offered me to

In the composition there are references to the story of O. Pavlova “Bird cherry grandfather”. Option 1 In my understanding, honor is a whole set

In our city there are many fashionable shops, salons, where you can dress from head to toe and look modern. You can make a stylish

The most sublime of human feelings is sometimes heard: the call of love is the call of nature itself. Thus, it seems as if it