Is the teacher a profession or a vocation? The teacher is one of the oldest professions on earth. Even in ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome,

Pushkin’s “Boldin Autumn” is, perhaps, one of those periods when creativity from the great Russian genius flowed like a river. Alexander Sergeyevich was just preparing

As it is sung in one famous song “Summer is a small life”. I fully agree with this statement. Summer is one continuous holiday that

The development of mankind was in the relationship with nature. Man has always been influenced and influenced by climate, man has used and uses mineral,

What are proverbs and sayings Proverbs are widely used in teaching preschool children to their native language. And although children at this age perceive the

About small, but very courageous and enduring sparrows tells us a composition about birds. An unpretentious sparrow from the early spring is engaged in the

It is known that AM Gorky in his early works was fond of metaphorical style. Subsequently, he himself did not approve of lush imagery from