For the whole school year, we have holidays four times. Spring and autumn last only a week and at this time of year nothing special will do. I either just go out with friends, or we go out of town, if the weather permits. When parents have time, then we go to the dacha, to barbecue. At this time there are often rains, so it happens that it takes a few days just to sit at home playing computer games. While studying for games, there is little time left, and you can play during the holidays. Winter holidays last two weeks, and at the sameRead More →

Recently we all class visited the Historical Museum. This two-story building of an ancient building is located in the center of the city. At the entrance of it there are a tank and a cannon – as battle symbols of the military prowess of our grandfathers, great-grandfathers, who defended our land from the fascist invaders. It is clear that the tank and the cannon were on the battlefields, but long ago turned into monuments. After viewing these characters you enter the museum with a mood of special solemnity. Its halls are devoted to the history of the city since its foundation. And it was moreRead More →

Special attention of Russian writers in the 50s-60s of the XIX century attracted three themes: serfdom, the emergence of a new force in public life – the heterogeneous intelligentsia and the position of women in the family and society. Among these themes was one more – the tyranny of tyranny, the tyranny of money and the Old Testament authority in the merchant community, tyranny under the yoke of which all members of merchant families, especially women, were choking. The task of denouncing economic and spiritual tyranny in the “dark realm” of the merchants was set by AN Ostrovsky in the drama “The Thunderstorm.” The tragicRead More →

In nature, everything is interconnected. Man and animal are children of one mother – nature. They often help each other. Animals feel care, affection and the owner answer the same. The dog is the first pet to appear from a long time near a person. It helps to protect the house, the cattle… During the Great Patriotic War, in the field hospitals there were dogs-orderlies who found the wounded, helping them to survive: they had a medical bag on their backs and with it the wounded soldiers survived. And how many dogs, perished from fascist bullets! Grateful service is carried by rescue dogs searching forRead More →

Perhaps, in many years people will return to the theme of the Great Patriotic War. But they can restore the events, only having studied the documents, memoirs. It will be later. And now those who bravely rose to defend our country in the summer of 1941 are still alive. Still fresh memories of the horrors of war in their hearts. Such a person can be called Vasil Bykov. V. Bykov depicts war and man in war – “without touching, without boasting, without varnishing – what it is”. In his works there is no bombast, excessive solemnity. The author writes about the war as an eyewitness,Read More →

My acquaintance with the library took place at an early age, when I was six years old, and I went to a kindergarten. But the impression was so strong that I still remember everything in detail. Huge rooms, stacked shelves. And books on them. Books were everywhere: above, below, on shelves, in cabinets. I then thought: “Can all this be read?” And I promised myself that when I learn all the letters of the alphabet, I will necessarily read all these books. Time passed. The need for a book, in reading, has become inalienable for me. Home library, school and, finally, the search for interestingRead More →

Good is the good that is honest and useful, all that requires us to be a person, a citizen, a family man. This is when we do something and do not demand anything in return, there is no self-interest. We can transfer the elderly person across the road, or give way in transport, but this happens extremely rarely. The good people themselves do not believe that young people are kind. Young adolescents are not as educated as before, and society becomes violent. What is kindness? Kindness is the most beautiful thing on earth. People forgot about their earthly purpose – to do good, to loveRead More →

Modern man lives in a fast time. And it is often very difficult for him to escape from this turbulent flow. He sometimes does not have time to comprehend the present. Life pace is so great that a modern person does not even have time to think about the future. Meanwhile, it’s not for nothing that they say that if you do not think about your future, you will never have it. After all, the future is built and matures in the present. What is “time” and “we”? What kind of relationship exists between us? What does the past, the present and the future matterRead More →

The cathedrals and churches of Moscow enjoy well-deserved fame not only among Russians, but all over the world. And among all the beautiful creations of Russian architects, the Cathedral of Pokrovsky, amazingly beautiful, stands out, or, as it is often called by the old-timers, the church of St. Basil the Blessed. How was this unique architectural monument built? Let’s make an excursus into the history of Russia. In October 1552, a nationwide celebration took place in Moscow. The Russian troops, led by Tsar Ivan the Terrible, returned from the campaign after the victorious assault on Kazan. The grandiose significance of the conquest of Kazan –Read More →

I like to celebrate all sorts of holidays. It seems that these are some unusual days, in which something interesting will happen. In general, my favorite holiday is the New Year, because it is celebrated by all people, everywhere the festive atmosphere. A birthday is an individual holiday, in which only the birthday person and his relatives participate. Earlier, when I was little, my mom was organizing my birthday. She invited my godmothers, grandmothers and grandfathers, brothers and sisters, prepared a festive table, came up with various contests and entertainments. And I always baked a big cake with cream and chocolate, in which I insertedRead More →

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