The problem of admiring the beauty of nature was raised in many works of world literature. By the ability to see the beauty of the surrounding world, to bow before it, to praise its beauty and greatness, the authors most often endow people with a subtle soul organization who feel our world as a whole and a human being as an integral part of this world. Often, the ability to admire the beauty of nature is almost the only characteristic of the hero, which allows the reader to understand it: his soul, his ideals, motives, secret desires. This is what we can observe The protagonistRead More →

What is it, today? How rarely do we think about this question, waking up in the morning or leaving the house. If we accept that day is a small life, then we will be more careful and reverent towards each day. Any day is a component of our life. And whatever the weather or the time of the year we were expecting, we must appreciate and rejoice in every day. Nature is beautiful in any day. Whether it’s rain, snow, snowstorm or a quiet, warm summer evening. Going on their own business, one must always notice the subtleties of the nature that surrounds us. WhetherRead More →

No wonder they say that nature is our mother. She gives us everything necessary for life, although we can not always appreciate her gifts. What could be better than a warm sun, majestic mountains, playful sea, flowering trees in the spring? What are hundreds of thousands of species of animals that we have never seen in our lives! And most importantly, a person does not just use what nature gives him, but he himself is an integral part of it. We are accustomed to living in a world that we have created ourselves. We live in large houses equipped with high-tech household appliances, we canRead More →

Every person has a homeland. In the broadest sense of the word, this is the country in which we were born and live. For each of us, it begins with a small: home, where we are surrounded by loved ones. Native yard, where we met the first friends and learned to appreciate friendship. The street where we go to school. Hometown, which for most of us has become KARAGANDA. My favorite city is Karaganda. I grew up here and was born. I really love my city for its beauty. There are many beautiful places in our city. The main avenue of my city Bukhar-Zhyrau. ThereRead More →

This girl I know from the first class. Now she is my best friend, her name is Liana. On the eighth of February she will turn 13 years old. Liana is quite tall for her age. She rarely has a bad mood, so on the face you can often see a radiant smile, than a sad, brooding look. Sometimes she gets angry, and then freckles become more noticeable. If Liana is happy, her expressive eyes shine, attracting the attention of people. Black hair is cut under the “square”. She always collects them in a ponytail, does not like to walk with her hair loose, believingRead More →

Morality and the corresponding moral standards are the basis of the civilization and humanity of any society. When morality and moral foundations collapse, society collapses and people degrade, which we can observe in our modern civilization, which is increasingly drowning in vices. Morality is the following of certain Spiritual (moral) Principles: the principles of Honor, Conscience, Duty, Justice, Love and Compassion. Morality is the essence of the true Virtue of Man. Truly a Worthy Man is a man who can not be disregarded, with all his manifestations he causes respect, reverence, approval, love. A moral person is one who realizes these spiritual principles in hisRead More →

The Sunday was wonderful. I did all the lessons on Saturday, so all the Sunday was mine! In the morning I called my friend Vasily and chatted with him about various important things for half an hour. Then he began to dress – to prepare for a trip to visit our kindred uncles Sergei and Aunt Valya. About this trip my father told us for a week. They are really wonderful people, so the whole family was waiting for Sunday with impatience. All day and half the evening I spent with my parents on a visit. It was awesome. Uncle Sergei recently visited Africa, heRead More →

The world is a theater. And who is in it? – that is the question. Even in the time of the World Flood, Noah in his ark collected each creature in pairs. What for? After all, not without reason. Hence, every creature, including a human being, has his own place in this cruel world, to which he will either walk hard, himself, or float to him on the little boat of fate. In the question of the theater, it should be noted that theater without spectators is not a theater, but without actors – and even more so. Every person has the ability to makeRead More →

In 1830 Pushkin went to Boldino to take possession of the estate. But because of cholera I have to stay there for three months. This period in the works of the great prose writer and poet is called Boldinskaya in the autumn. He writes a lot: poems, articles, “Belkin’s Tale” and “Little Tragedies.” The writer chooses different genres to express his thoughts on philosophical problems. And some of them have gloomy tonalities, for example the poem “The Possessed.” The poet begins to comprehend all the complexity and contradictoriness of life. In front of him, new paths appear in a familiar forest full of surprises. SoRead More →

Poetry is not “the best words in the best Order “, this is the highest form of language existence. I. Brodsky Russian poetry, Russian poets… “A poet in Russia is more than a poet” – these words of Evgeni Evtushenko are clear to anyone who is familiar with Russian poetic literature, with the fate of Russian poets. Indeed, poets in Russia from time immemorial performed their duty to their people: they conveyed to people a huge variety of thoughts and feelings, formed public opinion, were fighters for freedom and brotherhood, were sore for the people, were the conscience of the nation. AS Pushkin – aRead More →

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