What are the rights of the child? In general terms, they are the same as in adults. But children more often feel resentment and injustice, because they are weaker and more defenseless than adults. Therefore, the UN has drafted and proclaimed a special Declaration on the Rights of the Child and adopted the International Convention on the Rights of the Child. If the first document only proclaimed these rights, the second obliged the states that signed it to ensure its implementation. According to Article 1 of the Convention, every person is considered a child until the age of 18. The rights of the child areRead More →

For a man, honor and conscience are, above all, his characterizing personality. Honor is worthy of respect, the most noble and valiant feelings and his reputation. If a person keeps his word, does not betray friends, always comes to the aid of the weak, they say “a man of honor”. The concepts of honor and dignity are connected. A worthy person lives honestly, fairly, distinguishes good from evil. Honor and dignity are necessary for the person in those moments when it is necessary to choose how to act. Conscience is our inner voice controlling actions, thoughts, deeds. For example, I feel calm, contented, because IRead More →

Perception of the growing child of the surrounding world and its place in it reveals the work presented to your attention on the theme “I am a man”. A small citizen is trying to understand why he came to this wonderful world and what qualities, really useful, he must possess in order to be useful not only to his family, but also to society. You ask yourself the question: “What kind of person am I?” The composition offers your attention thoughts on this topic. Probably, each of us ever thinks: “And what kind of person am I?”. And to answer this seemingly simple question isRead More →

I am sure that any person who has heard or read somewhere that in some sea a large oil slick is floating, will think: “What’s the matter for me?” And so the cares are full! ” The same person on a day off goes with his family to the forest – to relax in nature. Leaving, leaves behind a pile of garbage and an unclouded fire. So what? After all, to a huge amount of oil in the sea, he has nothing to do… The fact that our planet is experiencing an ecological crisis, I, of course, heard. Although, like most people, I did notRead More →

I believe that the most important thing in a person is how he is communicating, what thoughts and ideas he has about the world. What is the use of money, if you do not have love for people, sympathy for someone else’s trouble, if you do not know how and do not want to really be friends? What’s the use of a steep car, a mansion in a prestigious area with a warm pool and peacocks on the terrace, if you’re still stupid, not versed in art, a limited person? You, in that case, are just an animal that accidentally becomes rich and portrays aRead More →

The Russian language is rich in various proverbs, sayings and proverbs, in a few words expressing wonderfully wise thoughts. One of them is the phrase “Small spool, yes expensive” – ​​it speaks about the value of certain things, not related to their size or value. A spool was formerly called a small weights, with which the weight of gold and silver coins was measured. Despite the tiny size, the spool was much more necessary and expensive subject, rather than the huge and heavy weights – hence the saying went. Today it can be interpreted in a figurative sense – in this century, when material valuesRead More →

Since ancient times, the Russian people have entered into trade, cultural, political, military ties with the peoples of other countries, which led to borrowing in the Russian language. Gradually new structural language units began to be included in the number of commonly used ones. So, many foreign words in Russian ceased to be perceived as foreign speakers. At different stages of Russia’s development, the vocabulary included language structures of various non-Slavic countries. Thus, Greek borrowed words in Russian began to appear in the era of Slavic unity. Among them, such expressions as a cross, a chamber, a dish, a cauldron and others. New words appearedRead More →

In all countries of the world people celebrate Christmas. For the believers it’s the birthday of Jesus Christ, for atheists – one of the New Year’s holidays. Despite the different attitude to religion, in every country there are traditions that are observed during the celebration of Christmas. I want to tell you about the Christmas traditions in Russia. This bright holiday is customary to meet in a clean house, so the preparation begins in advance. In the house floors are washed, windows are cleaned. Gifts for the family, sweets and treats for guests are bought in advance. Before Christmas, you must return your debts. ItRead More →

Friendship is from great feelings, it stands next to love, respect and honor. True friends save us when we are in trouble, rejoice over our victories and help us in difficult situations. The problem of friendship and its importance in life is well covered in literature, many writers and poets have discussed this issue. Let us recall the novel IA Goncharov and Oblomov. Boring, pessimistic and monotonous hero of the novel – Ilya Ilin Oblomov lived his life completely aimlessly, not having the desire to improve or even have fun. But he had a friend Stolz – an educated, intelligent and decent man who withRead More →

Maxim Gorky said about the significance of Anton Chekhov’s creativity: “when Chekhov dies, one of Russia’s best friends, a clever, impartial, truthful friend, dies, a friend who loves her, compassion for her in everything, and Russia will tremble with grief and not for a long time will forget him for a long time, he will learn to understand life according to his writings, illuminated by a sad smile of a loving heart, according to his stories, impregnated with deep knowledge of life, wise impartiality and compassion for people, not pity, but compassion for an intelligent and sensitive person who understands everything. “ Reading these lines,Read More →

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