Biography of Connie Mack

Biography of Connie Mack

Connie Mack is an American baseball player and manager, was born in East Brookfield, Massachusetts.

Several years in the career of Connie Mack were held as the host for the “Washington Senators.” Then from 1891 to 1894 – for the “Pittsburgh Pirates”.

After acquiring managerial experience with the clubs “Pittsburgh Pirates”, “Milwaukee”, Mack became the leader. Eventually, Mac became the main owner of the Philadelphia Athletics in the newly organized American League.

Under his leadership, the team “Athletics” won nine titles of the champion, five annual US championships. McConnie, managing the team, achieved more victories than other leaders.

In 1937, he was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. After 1937, in the biography of Mac Conny, recurring diseases began. Then the increasing managerial responsibility was transferred to his son – Earl Mack. Until 1954 Connie Mac was the president of “Athletics”, later the team moved to Kansas City.

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Biography of Connie Mack