Biography of Babe Didrickson

Babe Didrikson is an American sportswoman, in general she is one of the greatest female athletes of modern times.

Born in Port Arthur, Texas. In the early years, Babe Didrikson performed well in basketball, baseball. In 1932 she won at once in five competitions. Two weeks later, she won two medals at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, showing record results, but was disqualified and withdrawn from the third direction.

Since 1934, Didrikson devoted herself to...

golf. In 1938, she married George Zaharis, a wrestler. After that, the sportswoman became widely known as Bab Zebra. In 1946 she won the amateur competitions of the US Golf Association.

Throughout 1946-1947 Babib Didrikson won 15 competitions. She became the first American to win the title of “British amateur”. After returning to professional games in 1947, Babe won in 33 championships. She wrote the song “Championship Golf”. The athlete died of cancer in 1956.

Biography of Babe Didrickson