Biography of Alexandra Kosteniuk

Alexandra Kosteniuk – Russian chess player, was born on April 23, 1984 in the city of Perm. Biography Alexandra Kosteniuk is best known as a biography of the Russian champion, whose motto was: “Chess is great”.

The Russian model of Alexander Kosteniuk is also the world chess champion in 2008. She is on the list of the best chess players since adolescence. Initially, she was compared to Anna Kournikova: along with an attractive appearance, Alexander has an extraordinary talent.

Alexandra started playing chess as a child. In the beginning, her father coached her. When the...

girl was 10 years old, she already became the champion of Europe. In 1998, she became grandmaster, international master in 2000, international grandmaster in 2004. In the same year Alexandra Kosteniuk won the European Chess Championship.

Together with her father she published the work “How to become a grandmaster at the age of 14”. The book was accompanied by a series of her games on DVD. Later, Alexandra became a mentor for young chess players, while accompanying the game with her motto “Chess is great”, as well as “Beauty and the mind are inseparable.”

Biography of Alexandra Kosteniuk