Biography Canaletto

Biography Canaletto

Canaletto is a Venetian artist, whose real name was Antonio Canal.

He was educated by his father, Bernardo Canal, an artist of theatrical scenery.

Then a few years in the biography of Canaletto were held in Rome. Returning to Venice, he devoted himself to drawing direct, dramatic, topographically neat Venetian scenes. From 1746 to 1755, Canaletto lived in England, created many beautiful landscapes, especially near Eton College. The artist worked on a series of paintings for English collectors, one of the series is in the collection of the Duke of Bedford.

Also the biography of Canaletto is known as an unsurpassed architectural artist. His work, along with detail is exquisite and easy. Among the most famous works of the artist – “View on the Grand Canal”, “Regatta on the Grand Canal”, “Church of Santa Maria Della Salute”, “View of Venice”, “The Piazzetta, Venice”.

Canaletto was an excellent draftsman who created magnificent projects, engravings. Examples of Canaletto’s works are in the best museums in America and Europe. His nephew and pupil Bernardo Bellotto was also named Canaletto.

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Biography Canaletto