John Constable is an English painter, was born in Suffolk. The biographies of Constable and Turner are considered to be leading in the English art

Ekaterina Viktorovna Gordon – television, radio presenter, director. She was born on October 19, 1980. At birth she got the surname Podlipchuk. Education in the

Genghis Khan is a Mongol khan, commander, founder and kagan of the Mongolian empire. Genghis Khan was born in a tract near the upper reaches

Aria is a Russian rock band. The founders of the group were Vekshtein, Holstinin, Granovsky. Until this point, Holstinin and Granovsky played in the groups

The first glory for Pamela Anderson came after her appearance on the pages of “Playboy”. After the role in “Rescuers Malibu” Pamela woke up world

(1891-1940) Bulgakov Mikhail Afanasievich (1891-1940) – a prose writer and playwright. Mikhail Bulgakov graduated from the First Alexander’s Gymnasium, where the children of the Russian

Guy de Maupassant is a French writer, author of classical novels and short stories, in which the principles of realism are intertwined with the naturalistic

Anfisa Chekhova – TV presenter, famous for her show “Sex with Anfisa Chekhova.” Anfisa was born on December 21, 1977 in Moscow. Already in her

Larry Scott is a bodybuilder, the first winner is Mr. Olympia. Born Larry October 12, 1938 in Blackfoot, Ohio. For the first time began to

Aaron Paul became famous for the role of Jesse Pinkman in the television series “In All Grave,” which several times won the Emmy Award. Early

Julius Axelrod – biochemist, pharmacologist, who received the Nobel Prize in 1970, was born on May 30, 1912 in New York City. At first, Axelrod

(born on September 26, 1932) The prose writer. Was born on September 26 in Dushanbe in the family of a journalist. As a child, I

Nikola Tesla is a physicist, inventor, engineer. Nikola Tesla was born in the village of Smilyany in Austria-Hungary in the family of a priest. The