Biography of Walt Disney

Biography of Walt Disney

American cinema – and television producer, showman Walt Disney is known to the world as a pioneer in the world of animated films and creator of Disneyland.

Early years

Walter Elias, Walt, Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in the Hermosa district of Chicago, Illinois. His father, Elias Disney, was Canadian of Irish descent, and his mother, Flora Call Disney, was born in America to a German woman.

The Disney family had five children: four brothers and one sister. His childhood years, Walter is in Marcellin, Missouri, where he first begins to draw and paint pictures, which then sells to neighbors and friends. In 1911 the family moved to Kansas City, where the boy wakes up for the love of trains. His uncle, Mike Martin, was a railroad engineer involved in the

construction of a road between Fort Madison, Iowa, and their Marceline. Later, Walter will settle for summer work on the railway, where he will sell breakfasts and newspapers to passengers.

The boy is studying at McKinley Chicago High School, where he attends additional lessons in drawing and photography, and also participates in the production of a school newspaper, drawing out illustrations. In the evenings, he attends classes at the Chicago Institute of Arts. At the age of 16, Disney leaves school for the desire to become a soldier, but he is not taken into the army, since he has not yet reached adulthood. Then he joins the Red Cross and goes to France, where he serves as an ambulance driver for a year.

Early cartoons

Returning from France in 1919, Disney returns to Kansas City in the hope of finding an illustrator in the newspaper. Brother Roy builds Walter to work in the Pesmena-Rubin Art Studio, where he meets with cartoonist Abbe Eert Ivverksom, better known as Ab Iversks. After that, Disney moves to work in the “Kansas City Film Ad Company”, where he is engaged in the creation of commercials using the transferable animation. Around the same time he begins to experiment with the video camera, taking off hand-drawn two-dimensional cartoons, and, in the end, decides to do his own animation business.

His first employee is Fred Harman from an advertising company.

Walt and Harman conclude a contract with the local theater about showing their cartoons, which they themselves call “laughter”. Cartoons are becoming so popular that soon Dincey gets the opportunity to acquire his own studio, which gives the same name. “Laughter” hires new employees, including brother Harman, Hugo, and Aba Iverx. Together they create a series of seven-minute fairy-rollers, combining the game of live acts and animation, and call it “Alice in the Country of Cartoons”. But by 1923 the studio got into debt, and Disney is forced to declare it bankrupt.

Soon, Walter and his brother, Roy, collect money and move to Hollywood. Iverx also moves there. All three are taken together for the creation of the studio “Disney Brothers”. Their first deal is an agreement with distributor Margaret Winkler about the distribution of their cartoons about Alice. Soon they come up with a new character, Oswald – a lucky rabbit, and sell their short cartoons at $ 1,500 each. In 1925, Disney hired graphic artist Lillian Bounds. After a short romance, the couple marries.

A few years later, Disney learns that Winkler, her husband Charles Mintz and the entire staff of animators of the “Disney” studio, except for one Ivers, stole from him the rights to the rabbit Oswald. The Disney brothers, their wives, as well as the dedicated Ivers, immediately release three cartoons with the participation of a new character invented by Walt, who receives the name Mickey Mouse. The first short animations with this hero are “Mad Airplane” and “Gallop on an Ostrich,” which can not be sold because both videos were dumb. When the sound comes to the cinema, Disney creates a third short cartoon, this time in full armament of sound and music, called “Steamship Willy.” Now that Mickey has spoken in Walt’s voice, the cartoon instantly becomes a sensation.

Commercial success

In 1929, Disney released “Naive Symphonies”, in which new friends Mickey – Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto appear. The first color cartoon is the most popular cartoon “Flowers and Trees”, which brings its creators an Oscar award. Released in 1933, the cartoon “Three Little Pigs” with the song in the credits “Who’s Afraid of a Great Evil Wolf?” becomes an unofficial anthem of the country in the midst of the Great Depression.

December 21, 1937 in Los Angeles premiere of the first full-length animated film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. Even despite the ongoing Depression, he collects an unprecedented amount of 1 million 499 thousand US dollars and wins eight “Oscars” at once. Over the next five years, the studio “Walt Disney” creates a number of full-length animated films: “Pinocchio”, “Fantasy”, “Dumbo and Bambi.”

In December 1939, a branch of Walt Disney Studios was opened in Burbank. But in 1941 the company is facing troubles connected with the strike of the animators “Disney”. Many of them are subsequently dismissed, and the company will be able to recover from this loss only after several years. In the mid-1940s, Mr.. Disney creates “set films” – a series of interrelated short films intended for sequential display – but by 1950 he again returns to work on animation films. In 1950, “Cinderella” appears, followed by “Alice in Wonderland”, “Peter Pen”, a picture with the participation of live actors called “Treasure Island”, “Lady and the Vagabond,” “Sleeping Beauty” and “101 Dalmatian “. Overall,

Disney was one of the first to use television for entertainment purposes. The series “Zorro and Davy Crockett” is gaining popularity among children, as well as the show “Mickey Mouse Club” – a television show in which teenage actors acting as “Myshketers” take part. In his popular Sunday night show “The Wonderful World of Walt Disney Colors”, Disney begins to promote his new theme park. The last motion picture of Disney, created by himself, is “Mary Poppins” with the participation of both living and animated characters.


Disneyland Theme Park, which cost $ 17 million to build, opens in 1955. It becomes a place where children and adults can explore, ride and meet the characters of the world of Disney. Soon the park will pay its costs ten times and attract tourists from all over the world.


Already a few years after the discovery, Disney is planning to create a new theme park “Experimental Prototype Society of the Future” in Florida. He was just in the process of building, when, in 1966, Disney discovered lung cancer. December 15, 1966, at the age of 65, Walt Disney dies.

His body is cremated, and the ashes are buried in the Forest Lawn cemetery in Los Angeles. After the death of his brother, for the implementation of his plans, his brother Roy is taken, and in 1971 the park opens under the name “Walt Disney World.”


“The most important product that America delivers for export is laughter.”

“There is nothing more ridiculous than an animal endowed with human traits.”

“I love Mickey Mouse more than any of the women I’ve ever known.”

“You may not understand this, but sometimes a jab in the jaw is the best that could happen to you.”

“I do not understand how you can talk to children as small children.” I do not understand how anyone can talk to anyone, I like direct conversations with them on an equal footing. “Children always understand everything.”

“I’m not inspired by money – my ideas inspire me.”

“Disneyland” is dedicated to the ideals, dreams and the difficult events that created America… with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration for the whole world. “

“You will not find a single mousetrap in the house, I never forgot that I, like I am, created the mouse.”

“The world has never seen such a time as that in which we live, new ideas are emerging, and now we have the tools to realize them.” We are moving forward. “

“Life consists of light and shadow, and it will be wrong, insincere, flatteringly to affirm that there are no shadows in it.”

“I do not care about criticism, critics assume too much importance, they believe that to become famous, to become a smart guy you can only find out the mistakes of others.” I also create films for the public. “

“For many years I hated Snow White, because every time I imagined the world a new hero, he was compared to Snow White, and he was not compared to her.”

“I like to look at life with optimism, but I lack realism to understand that life is not so simple.” Laughter is followed by tears, and when creating a film or television show, one must take into account all aspects of life: drama, pathos and humor”.

“All our dreams can become a reality – if only we have the courage to execute them.”

“Never fight for someone who can do better.”

“We were all children, we grew up, we changed, but in each of us there is a part of our childhood.”

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Biography of Walt Disney