Allen Iverson’s Biography

Allen Iverson’s Biography

Allen Iverson – basketball player, was born on June 7, 1975 in the city of Hampton, Virginia. Best known as the best NBA player of 2001.

During the first two years of participation in the student team, the athlete showed himself as an excellent defender with an assaulting style of play. Then the athlete played for the team of Georgetown University. In 1996, Iverson was drafted into the Philadelphia Sixers team. Soon Allen became the leading player of the team, received the nickname “The Answer”. In 1999, he became one of the best NBA players, gaining an average of 26.9 points per game.

On the body of Allen a lot of tattoos, the athlete himself prefers the African style, wears dreadlocks. And the urban attitude to life made him a symbol of the big changes of the NBA. In 2000 Iverson recorded a record with the name Jewelz. His rude lyrics provoked insignificant discussions. His album was not commercialized.

Despite the diversion from basketball, sports activities continued. In 2001, in the biography of Allen Iverson, the title of the most valuable NBA player was obtained. The height of the athlete was only 183 cm. So Allen became the lowest player of the NBA, ever received the title of the best. In December 2006, he began to play for the Denver Nuggets, being in the same team with the high-profile Anthony Carmelo.

Additional information: Iverson wore uniform No. 3. The athlete’s nicknames were “The Answer”, “AI”. In 2006, the team “Philadelphia” came defender Andre Miller, centered Joe Smith. And for “Denver” began to play Iverson, newcomer Ivan McFarlin. According to official NBA data, Iverson’s height is 183 cm, and weight – 74.8 kg.

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Allen Iverson’s Biography