“Wild landowner” Saltykov-Shchedrin in summary

In a certain kingdom, there lived a landowner in a certain state, “and everything he had was enough: peasants, and bread, and cattle, and lands, and gardens.” He was stupid, read the newspaper “News” and the body had a soft, white and friable “.

He does not like one thing, and, behold, he complains to God: too many men have divorced! But God knew that the landlord was stupid, but because he did not listen. Then the landlord decided to lime them himself and began to oppress them in every possible way. The peasants begged the whole world for the Lord God: “Lord, it is easier for us to disappear with children with small children, than to die all my life!” God heard their prayer – “and there was no man in the whole space of the possessions of the stupid landlord.” The landlord rejoiced. He decided to have a theater in his house, invited the troupe, but in the house of the landowner is empty, there is nobody even to raise

the curtain, so the actors left. The landowner called the guests, they came hungry – and there is nothing to eat! I had to leave unsentingly, sobbing, marveling at the stupidity of the landowner. And he decided to spread the patience: if three times in a row will come, then you need to stand up to the end. Just three times a patience and leaves. The landowner wanders through the rooms and thinks what kind of cars he will write out of England, how the garden will divorce what kind of cows he will have. It will be forgotten, the servant will call, but no one responds. And then the captain-police officer comes to him and asks who will pay taxes for the peasants. Yes, and the market was completely empty, there is no meat or bread. “You are stupid, master landowner!” – says the police chief. Then the landlord became thoughtful: all his stupid people are called, is he really a fool?

Meanwhile, the landlord’s estate comes to desolation, overgrown with grass, and once there was even a bear. “Senka!” cried the frightened landowner, remembered, and… cried. But still wants to stick

to the end. “Even now it was autumn and the frosts were decent, but he did not feel even the cold, he had all over his hair, from head to foot… and his nails turned like iron. stopped, walked more and more on all fours… Lost even the ability to pronounce articulate sounds… But the tail has not yet acquired. ” He climbs on a tree and sits. Hare will come running – he throws at him from above and eats directly with the skin. “And he became strong and terrible, so strong that he even considered himself entitled to enter into friendly relations with that bear.”

The Ispravnik, meanwhile, reported the disappearance of the peasants to the provincial authorities. They called a council. It was decided: “The peasant to catch and establish, but to the stupid landowner, who instigates the instigator all the time, to instill in himself the least intimidation, so that he stops his fanfaring and does not repay his entry into the treasury of taxes.”

The peasants were returned to the district, and flour, meat, and livestock appeared again in the bazaar, and they went to the treasury with a stream. The landlord, with great difficulty, caught. “Caught, immediately blew out, washed and cut off their nails.” The captain-police officer took the newspaper “Vest” from the landowner and instructed him to supervise Senka. The landlord “is alive to this day.” He unfolds grandship, is longing for his former life in the woods, he is washed only by compulsion and sometimes mumbles. “

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“Wild landowner” Saltykov-Shchedrin in summary