The ups and downs of China in the Middle Ages

“Celestial” fully learned what the vicissitudes of historical destiny are. It was then slipping into an abyss of confusion and chaos, even becoming the prey of foreign conquerors, it reached the heights of power. Its flowering in the Middle Ages occurs during the reign of the Tang dynasty.

Throughout the Middle Ages, the Chinese developed very tense relations with their nomadic neighbors. The nomads exhausted them with devastating raids. In the XI-XII centuries. The Chinese, who were accustomed to regard other peoples as servants and subjects of their emperor, paid tribute to these “barbarians”, even yielded to them part of their northern territories. In the XIII century. they almost for one hundred years fell under the power of the Mongols, who destroyed their well-established economy.

In the end, the Chinese drove away the conquerors. The subsequent attempts of the Mongols to regain China were unsuccessful.

In the exhausting struggle against the nomads, the Chinese were guided by the principle “barbarians’ hands to suppress the barbarians” – they tried to quarrel them among themselves.

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The ups and downs of China in the Middle Ages