“Chronicles of the Clockwork Bird” by Murakami in brief

“Chronicles of the Clockwork Bird” by Murakami in brief

This work has no common characters with previous books by Murakami, having, however, similar images and subjects. At the beginning of the “Chronicles” the main character leaves the law firm, where he was “a runaway boy”. He lives on some savings, money left by his parents and what Kumiko’s wife earns.

With the hero strange events begin to occur. In the absence of a working wife, a woman is calling, trying to deal with the hero with telephone sex. The favorite cat is lost. Acquainted with a sixteen-year-old neighbor daughter, who has extrasensory abilities. There are two more extrasensory – Malta Cano and her sister Crete Cano. They, at the request of the wife of the hero, participate in the search for a cat.

Suddenly Kumiko herself disappears.

She leaves a message to the hero, in which she says that she had already met her lover for three months, because she did not receive any satisfaction from her husband. Such is the tragedy.

Appears brother Kumiko – the famous television analyst and rising star of the Conservatives. In the “Chronicles” he carries an extremely important semantic load, showing the embodied Evil. In “Dance, Dance, Dance” evil was himself “developed capitalism.” Now Evil is a kind of reactionary forces, which are nurturing plans for the seizure of power. In this sense, Wataja is an analog of the Sheep.

Noburu Vataya demands Kumiko’s divorce. But the hero feels that she fell into the black network of a brother-pervert, and seeks to return it.

Along the way, there are significant inserts in the text. Devoted to the Japanese occupation of China and the war with the USSR on Khalkhin Gol and in 1945.

Then he gets acquainted with another woman, who introduces him to extrasensory fishing. In general, the spirit of the hero encounters the spirit of Nobur Watai and the baseball bat maims him. Accordingly, the real villain himself is in the hospital. Kumiko kills him there, punishing him for his ruined life and love. She shines the minimum period. The hero is going to wait for her. That is, having made a “titanic effort”, it returns to its usual state.

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“Chronicles of the Clockwork Bird” by Murakami in brief